Thursday, 31 January 2013

Little Buddy

Good morning Daddy...Wake up!
I was really pleased to get a message a few days ago, from one of the young Mum's I met at Playgroup last year, asking if Felix would like to have a play date with her little boy. We organised it for this morning and, although I was excited that Felix was going to have a friend over, I was a little bit worried about how he would cope. He's never been great around other small children and he's hardly seen any other little ones for the past 8 weeks, while the kids have been on Christmas holidays.

Felix put all my worries to rest today. He played with his little friend better than I have ever seen him play before. The other little boy is nearly 2 years old but is so much bigger than Felix. He's also much more agile and energetic than him, so I really expected Felix to freak out. Instead, he happily shared his toys with him and interacted beautifully. When he was eating some of his yoghurt buttons, he picked up one and offered it to his little friend, who happily ate it. I was so pleased to see him sharing so naturally and so sweetly. It was such a huge relief to see Felix enjoying time with another little boy without being scared. Hopefully he can put his fear of other children behind him and he can move forward with more confidence. I'm excited to see his friendships develop this year. Special thanks to this awesome Mum and her gorgeous little boy for thinking of us, and for coming and spending some time here today.

Are you awake yet?
Felix had another very long day today. I honestly don't know how he does it. He was awake at 5am this morning and didn't have a sleep during the day. After we put him to bed at 7pm, we could still hear him playing in his room at 8pm. Nathan went in there to put him back into bed and Felix tucked his 'ugly' sock cat under his arm and made a dash for the door of his bedroom and into the hall. Little rascal! He must have been tired because we didn't hear a sound from him after that. Exhaustion finally caught up with him!

We had a very successful day with potty training today. Felix only wore one pair of jocks all day and didn't have an 'accident' until just before bedtime tonight. He has been enjoying having Nathan home for the last few days, and has been doing extra big wees when Daddy is the one who takes him to the toilet. I think he likes being able to show off. We were pretty proud of our little man today.

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