Friday, 18 January 2013

Hard to Breathe

Hard to believe he had no sleep last night
We had yet another very strange night last night. We were staying with my parents, so Felix was in a portable cot in our room. When we went to bed we noticed that Felix was snoring really loudly and was extremely restless. It sounded, at times, like he was struggling to breathe as he kept gasping and then crying. Every so often he stopped breathing for a short time and then finally drew in a big, deep breath and cried again. The only time he seemed to be able to breathe more easily was when I sat with him, completely upright, on my chest. Needless to say, Felix barely slept at all and we slept even less. Nathan and I both spent the night listening out to make sure he was OK.

Yesterday we drove to the city to move Joshua into his new home for the next year, while he studies year 12 at school. We finished moving and unpacking everything today and he was looking settled and comfy by the time we had to say goodbye. I tried really hard not to focus on the fact that he's really moved out, or I would have cried. It was hard to say goodbye because he's such an awesome kid to have around and we're really going to miss him, but we know it's for the best and will give him the best opportunity to get the grades he needs for University next year. He will be living with my parents, who have been looking forward to having him. There's no doubt he will be very well looked after.

Watching Granny balancing toys on her head
After his very unsettled night, Felix seemed to be tired, but happy this morning. He spent the morning (while we finished Joshua's room), playing outside with Granny and Papa. They played with the clothes pegs, pegging them all over Papa, and then all over Felix's shirt. He also 'helped' Granny fold some washing and make her bed. He's become a bit of a Papa's boy and loves spending time with my Dad, laughing and playing with him, or going outside to look at the birds and plants in the garden. It was so cute to see Felix holding Dad's hand as they went up the hallway.

We had to make the long drive home today on very little sleep. Nathan got a bit more than me, so he volunteered to drive. Felix didn't go to sleep in the car until nearly 2pm this afternoon. I have no idea how he managed to stay awake for so long; I could barely keep my eyes open. He slept for 2 hours and then woke up very unsettled and crying. We have travelled with Felix so much, since he was a baby, and he has never cried in the car. Today he was really unhappy; not screaming, but just gentle sobs. His eyes had huge, red rings around them and his nose was running. He looked so miserable. I became a contortionist and reached around, from the front seat, to stroke his leg. He settled a bit when I was touching him but was sad again when I stopped. We were very thankful when we arrived home and could give him some cuddles.

Signing 'help'
Felix was so unsettled at bed time tonight. He cried when we put him to bed, which is very unusual for him. We decided to let him sit with us for a while until he settled down. He kept signing for a drink, and seemed really thirsty; drinking much more than he usually does. I think he's probably still rehydrating from when he had a fever. I'm going to be listening out for his breathing again tonight (although it's not as easy through the baby monitor). I imagine I will be up and down a bit checking on him through the night. I think we may be heading back to the Doctor again on Monday.


  1. Hoping you all get a peaceful nights rest <3

    1. He slept all night!! Hopefully we're getting our settled little boy back x x x