Sunday, 27 January 2013


Our littlest dog, Envy, is almost impossible to tire out, so we decided to take her down to the beach this afternoon to let her have a really good run. It was such a beautiful day, so we knew Felix would love it down there as well.

When we got to the beach, we noticed it was a little bit windy (not unusual for our beach), and the tide was out about a kilometre so we had a long walk to reach the water. The tide created ripples in the sand, making the surface a bit uneven and there were small pools of shallow water all around us. As a result, Felix had an impromptu Physiotherapy session. Not only did he need to concentrate on walking across different surfaces under his feet, but he also had to stabilise himself in the wind. He's only tiny, so the wind affected his balance quite a bit, but he soldiered on. Sometimes he lost his balance and almost fell, but each time he steadied himself and kept walking. He's doing so well.

One of the funniest things was when Felix walked into a pool of water and bent down to swish his hands around in it. While he was squatting down to play in the water, unbeknown to us, his feet had sunk into the sand. When he had finished playing, he stood up and went to walk but fell forward onto his hands again. He fell forward three times before Nathan and I realised that he wasn't losing his balance, he was falling because his feet were completely stuck in the wet sand and wouldn't move. Poor kid looked completely perplexed at why his feet weren't doing what they were meant to. He was quite pleased when Daddy pulled him out and put his feet back on the solid ground.

We decided to take Felix to the beach in his jocks instead of a nappy. We usually still put a nappy on him if we're going out but, we figured, it wouldn't matter if he wet his pants at the beach. I'm pleased to say that Felix still had dry jocks when we got home from the beach (he didn't even fall on his butt in the water!). Tonight, at dinner time, was a different story. It was pretty warm, and I had just taken a pair of wet jocks off him, so I sat him in his high chair naked to eat his food (figuring he would make a mess anyway). When he had finished eating, I picked him up and realised he had a puddle beneath him...Oops! Thankfully, he was more than happy to have a, very necessary, bath before he went to bed.

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