Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Who Needs Sleep?

Me and my boy
Wow! How rejected do we feel tonight? The second I had put Felix's pajamas on, after his bath tonight, he climbed straight into bed. He tucked his monkey and his 'ugly' sock cat under his arms and lay down on his tummy, with his bottom in the air. I figured he was tired, because he didn't have a sleep during the day today, and thought it was quite cute that he had climbed into bed himself. After Nathan and I had both kissed him and said goodnight, we left the room and went and sat down. Within seconds, we could hear him up and playing with his toys. Cheeky boy obviously wanted some alone time, so he pretended to want to go to sleep so we'd go away! His lack of sleep caught up with him, though. It wasn't long until he was back in bed and sound asleep. He's such a good boy!
Look....I have nipples!

Earlier in the day, when Felix was meant to be having a day time sleep, it was very entertaining to listen to him through the baby monitor. At one point I could hear him wrestling his giant, colourful crocodile, which is made of different fabrics and has feet which make a crinkly sound and others which rattle. Later, I heard him emptying his blocks onto the floor and throwing them around; crazy kid! He spent some time repeating his newest word, "eat,eat,eat". I think he was thinking of all the excuses he could to get out of going to sleep.

After about an hour I decided that, although he was playing happily, I would go and open his door to see if he wanted to come out. I was hit by a horrible stench as soon as I opened the door. No wonder he didn't want to go to sleep! He was sitting on the floor playing with his toys, with a nappy tucked under his arm. He got straight up, still holding the nappy, and walked up to me. He gave me a look as if to say, "What took you so long? I've been waiting for you to come in and clean my butt!" Oops.. poor kid!

Fixing his mohawk
Ever the entertainer, Felix spent plenty of time in front of the mirror today, preening himself and making us laugh. I usually only wax up his mohawk if we're going out somewhere, but he was actually standing in front of the mirror, pulling the top of his hair and trying to make it stand up. It was so cute! I went and got the wax and spiked it up for him. He added his own touches to it, and looked pretty proud of himself.  The other hilarious thing is that Felix has discovered his nipples. Every time he has no shirt on, he touches one and then the other like he's counting them. Watching him discover new things never gets boring.

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