Sunday, 13 January 2013

Learning All the Time

Walk down memory lane...a brand new Felix
Woo hoo! When I signed 'I love you' to Felix today, he signed it back! It was one of those moments which made me melt, yet again, with the love I feel for our beautiful little boy. He has started using so many new signs over the past couple of days. Yesterday, when I showed him a photo of my Facebook friend's new baby, he signed 'baby asleep'. To see him rocking his arms back and forth was so adorable. I always sign, 'good boy' when Felix does a wee on the toilet. He doesn't sign 'good' yet, but he's started to sign 'boy'. He will do a little wee and then sign 'boy'. Such a cutie!

So precious!
Felix is making more and more early speech sounds. He has been making some really good attempts at saying things and, although he isn't using the correct sounds yet, it's great to hear him try. He's such an animated little boy and his new sounds just add even more character. He's still stubborn when it comes to the word 'Dad'; although we've heard him say it lots of times, he still refuses to say it when we ask him.

Felix loves the song Gangnam Style. It's one of those songs that people either love or hate and, thankfully, we can tolerate it. Nathan found an app called 'Gangnam Booth' for Felix's ipad. You can take a photo of anybody (we even took one of the dogs), and add their face to the body, provided on the app. After you press 'play', the little person you've created dances to the song. Felix absolutely loves it and plays it over and over. He's always done some of the moves but he's learnt even more since watching the app. He now wiggles his hips from side to side; such a little groover. Love that kid!

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