Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Mohawk is Back

Pretty happy with himself
On the way home from the
Gone is Felix's scruffy mop of hair. Our little man is now sporting a new mohawk. He refused to wear a cape. He wasn't too thrilled about sitting in the hairdresser's chair, and was even less impressed with the hair dropping onto his ipad. All that aside, he sat fairly still and only started to wriggle near the end. He was a bit of a celebrity with the other hairdressers, and they all helped to entertain him while his hair was cut. One of them was making funny faces at him and he wasn't responding, so I asked him to do his crazy face. He had everyone laughing when he did it over and over again. He loved all the attention and it made him forget that he was getting a haircut.

1 week old and already
sporting an awesome
When we got home from the hairdresser, Felix caught sight of his reflection in the mirror. He was full of self admiration; looking at his new hair from all different angles. He touched his mohawk with his hands and then smiled approvingly at himself. It was absolutely gorgeous! It's pretty obvious he has a very healthy self esteem. He put some beads around his neck to complete the look and then went back to the mirror a second time to admire himself again. I might be a bit biased, but I think he looks pretty handsome too.

3 week old mohawk for his
hearing test
Looking at Felix's mohawk today reminded me of the day he was born. The Doctors were pretty sure he was going to be born with Down Syndrome because he had an absent nasal bone on my 19 week ultrasound, but we had refused an amniocentisis to confirm his diagnosis. Even if he had Down Syndrome, it didn't change how we felt about him; it probably made us fall in love with him a little deeper. Anyway, the second he was born, I wanted to look at his little face to see if he did, in fact, have Down Syndrome. It was obvious by his beautiful eyes and little flat face that he did. He was perfect. Nathan's first comment after seeing his son for the first time?? "Awesome, he has a mohawk!" There was no mention of his Down Syndrome being confirmed; just a very proud Daddy SO excited that his baby son was born with a mohawk. Did I ever tell you that my husband is amazing?
10 months old with his 'after bath' mohawk

I thought I'd share some past and present photos of Felix rocking his mohawk....


  1. Your a handsome little man Felix <3

  2. He looks so chubby in the 1 week old photo :) Funny because he was never a chubby baby!! Debbie

    1. In all the photos from his first week and a half, he looked really chubby in the face. They almost don't look like him at all. Only took a couple of weeks for him to turn into a string bean :)