Thursday, 10 January 2013

More Goodbyes

Helping with the move
I can't stop crying this afternoon. I had to help my best friend pack up her house to leave and move back to the city today. She has been such a support to our family over the past four years and she has been one of Felix's greatest advocates. She has never treated Felix as anything, other than a regular little boy. She has never focussed on his 'disability', but always on his 'abilities' and all the things he can do! Felix and I have had many visits to her house, early in the morning, still dressed in our pajamas (she lived next door). Felix would sit next to her and she would spoon the froth from her coffee into his mouth. Felix would end up grabbing her mug and drinking the last few drips of her coffee and end up with it all down the front of his shirt. On hot days she would squirt Felix with her water bottle and let him tip water everywhere, on her kitchen floor, not worrying about the mess he was making. She is such a dear friend and I am going to miss her like crazy. Hopefully we will be able to move closer to the city soon so we can still enjoy lots of visits.

Nothing like playing the ipad with a bikini around your neck
Felix's toilet training was a bit of a disaster today. I was busy rushing back and forth to my friend's house next door, so Aaron and Isaiah were watching Felix for me. Needless to say, I had a couple of little puddles to clean up when I got back. I don't think teenage boys are quite as 'in tune' to watching for the signs of a toddler needing to wee. One time, Felix did go up to Isaiah and sign 'toilet. Isaiah took him straight away and he did a big wee on the toilet, which is great because I really want Felix to start recognising when he needs to go. He does ask sometimes, but it's still more like 'toilet timing' than 'toilet training'. I think it's going to take a long time before Felix uses the toilet consistently, but I'm so proud of what he is able to do already.

"Please sir, I'd like some more!"
I went over to the shops tonight (child free), and was so pleased to bump into a family we met when we used to take our dogs to obedience. They have a very handsome son, in his early 20's, who also has Down Syndrome. I don't know why I get so excited when I see him, or why I feel emotional (in a good way). Maybe it's because he's a lovely, young man and seeing him makes me feel good about Felix's future, but I really do enjoy my interactions with him. I felt encouraged about the amount I was able to understand him, through signing, today. It made me so happy that I knew most of what he was saying to me, because of all the signing we have done with Felix, and I didn't have to rely on his family to translate for me. His family are such nice people and it's obvious he brings them so much joy. It was a positive end to my emotional day.


  1. It's hard to say goodbye to good friends,she's sound absolutely lovely.My toddler is potty learning,he gets the urge and just starts running & yelling "I gotta pp" and off he goes.Hes not very consistent either and won't wear awesome jocks like Felix but its a start;)

    1. We get to see her again next week...yay!! Wow..sounds like your little guy is doing well with the potty; it's great that he's telling you he needs to go. I would have bought Felix normal boys jocks, but I couldn't find any small enough for his tiny little bum...hahaha! I just ordered some more today from ebay..they are great because they have a little bit of padding so they're very absorbent :)