Sunday, 20 January 2013

Wedding Photos

We're back to routine today, which is a huge relief. Felix woke up at 6.30am, had a two hour sleep in the afternoon and went to bed beautifully at 7pm tonight. There's something exhilarating about the mundane and boring when it comes to life with a two year old!

We had a nice surprise tonight. Remember the wedding Felix was in last September? He had barely walked more than a few steps before it, but he walked down the aisle on the day and hasn't stopped since? The beautiful bride (Felix's Godmother), Kerri, came over tonight with a USB of wedding photos. The photos are amazing and there are some really cute ones of Felix. The night of the wedding, after I had taken some fantastic photos, I lost my camera and with it, all my precious photos. I knew I had captured some unique moments of Felix with Kerri and her husband, Luke, and I was pretty devastated to have lost them all. The photos on the USB have taken some of the sting out of losing my camera and I'm rapt to have some wedding photos of Felix, doing his job as page boy so beautifully. I hope you enjoy the ones I post on my blog today.

With Felix finally well enough, we were able to take him to the beach tonight. The poor kid has been cooped up in the house for weeks, even through all the boiling hot weather we've been having. It was so nice to see him standing in the water, with the wind in his face, enjoying every second of it. We took our big Mastiff, Atlas, with us. We were able to let him off the lead and he ran from Nathan, who was out in the water, to Felix and I who were standing on the sand. Felix thought it was hysterically funny; he laughed and laughed and laughed. It was a beautiful sound and one I have missed over the past few weeks of him being sick.

I need to make a special mention to those wonderful people who have been so supportive during Felix's sickness. We have received so many messages, wishing Felix well; we appreciate each and every one of them. Thank you so much. An extra huge thank you to our other family; those with kids who have Down Syndrome. I try so hard not to be a panicky Mum, but it was nice to have people with a knowledge of Felix's symptoms, who also have a child with Down Syndrome, telling me that if they were in our shoes they would take him to the Doctor. A lot of good advice was offered, which we are so grateful for. I am so thankful to be part of this amazing community.

A couple of days ago, Felix received a 'get well' package in the mail from an incredibly cute little boy, Jaxon. Jaxon was also born with an extra chromosome, to a Mum and a big brother who just adore him. The book was called 'Felix' by Pamela Allen. It's about a cat who gets blamed for eating food from the kitchen even though it wasn't him; it was a mouse. He sets out to catch the mouse to prove he didn't do it. Felix loves it. He has read books even more than usual since he's been sick, so he was very excited to have a new book to enjoy. He loves cats too, so it was extra special. Thank you Jaxon (and Mummy) x x x


  1. So handsome little man, At what age he started to walk? My little girl is trying to hard in these days.

    1. Thank you! Felix started to walk at 22 months old, just before the wedding he was in. It was so sweet to see him walk down the aisle :) I'm sure your little girl will be walking really soon....she sounds very determined!