Monday, 7 January 2013

Big Boy Jocks

Proud of his jocks
I couldn't be prouder of our little guy today. It was his first day wearing 'big boy jocks' instead of nappies (except for his sleep). He has been using the toilet often since he was 18 months old and I figured, now the weather is warm, it was the perfect time to get serious about toilet training.  He did so well and only wet his jocks a little bit one time. I took him to the toilet regularly and a couple of times he asked me by signing 'toilet'. His little bottom looked even smaller than usual without a nappy on; so cute! I know it's only day one without nappies, but it was definitely a good start. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

"We're going on a bear hunt.."
We still didn't have too much luck getting Felix to eat today. He only ate half as much breakfast as usual, but was happy to pull a packet of chocolate biscuits from my friend's fridge and eat a couple mid morning. Apart from that, he ate half a peanut butter sandwich and a bite of a banana. He refused to eat any dinner even though it was one of his favourites; a baked potato with tuna, spinach and cheese. He seems much better health-wise, but he definitely doesn't have his appetite back yet, and still seems to be getting very tired and miserable by the end of the day. It's been nice to see him smile and laugh again, but I can't wait until he's got all of his strength back.

Extra big cuddles for Daddy
When Nathan got home from work today, Felix couldn't get enough of him. I was holding him and he made the most gorgeous face, opened his eyes wide and smiled, then flapped his hands up and down towards Nathan. When Nathan picked him up, he snuggled into his shoulder and looked so content. After a while I took him back because Nathan was trying to cook but, no, he started flapping to have cuddles with Daddy again. I finally managed to coerce him away but, not before taking some cute photos of him in Daddy's big arms. He always looks even more tiny when Nathan holds him.