Friday, 25 January 2013

Strutting his Stuff

Toot, toot
When I woke up this morning, the cloud had lifted a bit. I was feeling much more positive and being greeted by a little man toddling into my room, with a big smile on his face, certainly helped set the tone for the day. A cup of tea brought in by my lovely hubby, and an early morning chat on my bed with Isaiah made it even better. 

I had a bit of running around to do this morning, starting with a haircut for Isaiah. It's always a rush to get last minute stuff organised before the kids go back to school after the summer holidays. Felix is going to be wondering where everyone has gone next week; I'm sure the house will seem very empty to him. 

Felix was in a very outgoing mood this morning. He strode in to the hairdressers waving and smiling to all the girls. His mohawk was all waxed up and he looked his adorable best. While we waited for Isaiah's turn, Felix went up to the other customers, who were already getting their hair cut or washed, and looked up at them and smiled. They were all lovely people, who talked to him and made his smile even bigger. We were waiting for quite some time, so Felix decided to expand his search for new friends by wandering out of the hairdresser into the shopping mall. There were a lot of elderly people who stopped to talk to him and shake his hand. He thought it was great, and I enjoyed showing off our gorgeous little man. 

Instead of the sand, he has to play in the dirt
For the second day in a row, Felix decided that he didn't need a day time sleep. I put him to bed and then listened, through the baby monitor, to the demolition of his room. He was perfectly happy, playing in there for over an hour, emptying his entire box of blocks onto the floor, reading books and playing with his monkey and 'ugly' sock cat. He seems to like his alone time and I can't recall a time when he ever cried because he wanted to come out of his room. In fact sometimes, if I hear that he hasn't gone to sleep, I will open his door so he can come out, but he'll decide to stay in there and play. I guess we all need some space and time to ourselves. He was well and truly ready for bed tonight at 6.30pm. I'm surprised he lasted that long. 

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