Tuesday, 8 January 2013


Little cutie
Day two of Felix being out of nappies has been reasonably easy, with only one pair of wet jocks again. It was probably made easier because he had a four hour sleep today and, when he's asleep, he wears a nappy. I also have the added bonus that Felix has never been a big 'wee-er'. Even as a newborn, he never soaked through a nappy, even at night time, so when he does wet his jocks he never soaks them so much that he makes a puddle. I bought some awesome training pants on ebay, which have a thin, towelling lining inside the crotch which is perfect for absorbing any little accidents. I love them and wish I had bought more but, like most things on ebay, they disappear after a while. I'll keep searching; hopefully they'll start selling them again.

Loving the beach
I've been thinking a lot today about the families I have met, through Facebook and personally, who have older kids with Down Syndrome. I feel so lucky to be able to gain knowledge through their experiences, and to hear all about their kids and what they can do now they are older. I like to think that I don't stress too much about the future but, like any Mum, I have days when I do. Probably the thing which worries me the most is whether or not Felix will be verbal when he is older. All of our seven other children were very early talkers; all of them could speak in sentences between 18 months and 2 years old. Felix is now 27 months old and speaks very few words (but signs really well). I know I can't compare Felix to the other kids because it's obvious that he will have delays, but it does play on my mind sometimes because I want him to be understood by everyone around him, not just those who know how to sign.

Loves his Daddy
After something I read on Facebook today, I feel encouraged. Another Mum was writing about her son, who is, I think, in his early teens. She said that at seven years old, he could barely put two words together. I know that now, he speaks really well. He plays sports, he climbs, he does things that other boys his age love to do. It was so comforting to read about her son's progress and to be reassured of Felix's potential for the future. I know that we will have our struggles with different things but, for today, I will push that worry aside and look no further than tomorrow, when I look forward to another day of learning with our precious little man.

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