Sunday, 6 January 2013

Skinny Boy

Cup of tea?
One of the worst things about Felix having been sick for so long is that his appetite has diminished a lot, and the only things we can tempt him to eat at the moment seem to be bread, rice cakes or crackers. He usually loves fresh fruit, so I've been cutting up mango, banana and strawberries, but he's just not interested at all. We have made him some of his favourite dinners, but he won't eat those either. Having more 'junk food' like chips and biscuits in the house, leftover from Christmas, probably hasn't helped. He can always be tempted to eat a couple of chips, but it's not exactly an ideal diet, and he's certainly not eating much even of that! He still only weighs 9kg (19.84lbs) at 27 months old; he's not exactly huge, so I'd love to see his appetite come back soon. I'm hoping that once he's feeling better, and the heatwave we have been experiencing diminishes a bit, he will start wolfing down food like he was before. Our other kids were all skinny too, but he's very tiny.
Too hot for clothes today

It's been beautiful to watch Felix's imaginative play develop even more. He really does love his tea parties, and will often offer us a 'cup of tea' when he's playing. If he's having some quiet time by himself, he will offer them to his teddies. I love hearing him say "Um" (Yum), as he gives his teddy a drink. What I love the most is the 'posh' way Felix holds the teacup; he always has a little finger pointing out. I'm not sure where he learnt to be so fancy, but it's super cute to watch. He does the same thing when he's eating finger foods, and rarely gets any over the palms of his hands. I tell Nathan and Aaron (12) that they need to take lessons from Felix, because the two of them almost always end up with food all over their hands.

Tea Party
Felix has said the word, "Mum" for a long time now, but very rarely says "Dad". Every so often, he will say "Dad" and sign it at the same time, but as soon as we ask him to say it again, he refuses. I think he does it on purpose; almost as if it's a little joke he has going on with us. Today he said "Dad" twice and when I asked him to say it again, he looked at Nathan with a sly smile, and just mouthed the word "Dad" without any sound. Cheeky boy! I asked him a second time and he did exactly the same thing. A friend of ours was here when he did it and she laughed and said the same thing; that he was doing it on purpose. I guess he has decided to do things exactly when he wants to do them and not when we want him to. I love seeing his stubborn side. I'm sure I won't always appreciate it especially when he's bigger and flatly refusing to do what we ask, but at the moment it's quite endearing.

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