Tuesday, 29 January 2013

28 Months Old

Signing 'phone'
I'm so excited! Felix can say 'eat'!!! He said it for the first time yesterday and has said it consistently today. We get the message when he's hungry now, because he signs it and says it at the same time, so we definitely can't ignore that...hahaha! I love hearing his little voice, and when he manages to form a word it's just beautiful.

Rocking the bear to sleep
Felix is 28 months old today. Where did that time go? I feel like I could burst with pride when I look back over the past 28 months. I have sat and watched my precious son overcome obstacles and smash stereotypes. I have watched him work incredibly hard to learn to do the things which come so easily, and so naturally, to other children not born with Down Syndrome. I have admired his determination; sometimes having to repeat an activity over and over and over, until he has success. The pride on his face when he completes a puzzle, or does something for the first time, is something so special.

Enjoying some quiet time
I've come to the realisation that, although Felix was off to a flying start signing 'toilet' and using it from 18 months old, it's going to be a long road before he's completely trained. Some days are better than others, but each day is different. On a good day, Felix will only wet one pair of jocks, but other days he'll go through four pairs. I was very pleased to receive a package today, containing four new pairs of jocks I had ordered. They are absolutely great because they are really absorbent, but the real reason I like them is because they are super cute. His new ones have puppies and ducks on the butt...adorable! Now I won't have to wash them and hang them up to dry straight away because I have some spares.

Absorbing his sweet potato through his skin
Felix has decided that day sleeps are for the weak and he doesn't need them anymore. Well, that's not entirely true; he still has a sleep every third or fourth day. I don't think I'm ready for him to give up his day sleeps completely. I like having a couple of hours to race around and do all the things I can't do when he's awake. I put some different books and toys in his room today for the days when he doesn't sleep. I'm so thankful he's happy to entertain himself for a while, even if he's not sleeping.

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