Friday, 1 February 2013

Developing Beautifully

Doing some drawing
Our Grandson, Noah, is 10 months old now. We looked after him for a couple of hours yesterday, so he and Felix enjoyed having a big play. It's funny to look at them together now; they wear the same size clothes and Noah is quickly catching up to Felix with his gross motor skills. I always knew that Noah would eventually overtake Felix in his development, but it is happening so quickly. I'm sure Noah was only a newborn baby yesterday! Where does the time go?

In our day to day life, it's easy to forget that Felix has Down Syndrome. He is developing at a great pace, he is learning new things all the time and he fits in so perfectly with the rest of our family. It's only when I see him with other children that I'm reminded of his extra chromosome. Other kids his age are literally running and jumping and talking in sentences. When I lift Felix out of his car seat or out of bed, his head drops back just like a brand new baby's would. However, when I pick Noah up, I can feel how strong he is and how his body works with me, rather than against me when I lift him.

Beautiful sharing
Rather than let it bother me, I kind of find it intriguing to observe the differences between Felix and his peers, and try to appreciate them. One thing I have noticed is that Felix is a lot more patient, and has more perseverance, than a lot of other children his age. While other children will get frustrated with a particular activity and push it to one side, Felix will persist with it and try it over and over again until he has success. Instead of pulling every single toy out of a toybox and throwing them around the room, like a lot of two year olds, he will find something he wants to play with and will sit, playing with that one thing, for a period of time.  His use of 'please' and 'thank you', although signed, not spoken, is consistent. I don't know too many toddlers who remember their manners all the time. I'm learning more and more, to enjoy the differences, and celebrate what Felix 'can do', rather than what he can't. Of course there are frustrating days when I wish Felix could learn something quicker, or make himself understood better; toilet training is a perfect example. It's going to take Felix A LOT longer than the 2 months it took for his siblings to be dry all the time but, that is reality, and there's nothing I can do about it. In the meantime, I'll just stock up on a huge pile of the cutest jocks I can find, keep my soaking bucket full and practice new songs to sing to Felix while he is on the toilet.
Helping each other build a block tower

Next week we have another trip down to the city for hospital appointments. Felix doesn't have them as often as some children, with Down Syndrome, but they seem to come around so quickly. He has to have his post operative appointment with the Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, since having his grommets put in a month and a half ago. Our GP seems to think the grommet in his right ear has already fallen out, as he has had an infection in it since the surgery, and he wasn't able to see the grommet. I guess we will find out at his appointment. Felix also has to see the Opthalmologist to see if his eye probe worked, and to hear the results of the study of his Optic Nerve during surgery. We already know that he is slightly near sighted, so it will be interesting to see if he needs glasses now or if we can hold off getting them for a bit longer. When Felix gets glasses, we will have 8 out of 8 kids who wear glasses for either near/far sightedness. How's that for bad odds!!


  1. I feel the same about Nicholas and his development. I think he's totally awesome and shows such a determined little spirit, and it's only occasionally I realise that he's not doing the same things as babies his age. As I read recently, 'comparison is the thief of joy' and (as my other boys have shown me) I know that each child develops differently, whether chromosomally enhanced or not. Nicholas IS awesome and he is writing his own story, at his own pace.

    I have been very behind in my blog reading (and writing!) lately, but I enjoyed catching up on a whole lot of Felix news in a big reading session last night. He gets more gorgeous by the day - thank you for sharing him with us x

    1. Thank you so much! What a perfect quote, 'Comparison is the thief of joy' very true! I agree..even with our other kids, they all did things at their own pace, and there was sometimes a massive difference between them.

      I haven't caught up on other blogs for ages either...I can barely find time to write mine. I hope your lovely family is doing well. It sounds like Nicholas is still amazing you every day... you and I are so blessed to have kids who remind us to appreciate all the little things in life :)

      Much love x x x