Saturday, 12 January 2013

Healthy Boy

So what if my slippers are too small....
Our little man is completely better; his runny nose is clear and he isn't coughing any more. To see the light back in his eyes and to watch him getting into mischief again is fantastic; busy, but fantastic! He has a new day time sleep routine since he's been sick. He doesn't go to sleep until about 11.30am (used to be 10.30), but he sleeps for three or four hours. When he wakes up, it's way past lunch time so he eats then, but continues to snack until dinner time, and then eats dinner as well. It's great to see him eating again, especially things other than bread and rice. Tonight, Nathan was cooking and had cut up some tomato and baby corn. Felix pointed at it and signed 'eat'. I reluctantly gave him some, not thinking he would even taste it, but he ate it and then signed 'more'. I couldn't believe my eyes!

I've been doing lots of cleaning out at home lately; cupboards, drawers and the shed. Our plan is to move house at some point this year so, I figure, I may as well get a head start and cut down on some of the clutter. Felix thinks the whole 'cleaning out' thing is great fun; there have been lots of new things for him to discover. Yesterday I went through his clothes and sorted out the things he had grown out of. He found a pair of tiger slippers he had outgrown, but he insisted on wearing them anyway. He also found a couple of hats, which he put on his head, and an old tshirt which also went on his head. Satisfied with his outfit, he left the room and went off to play. Such a fashionable little man.

With his buddy, Atlas
Today, we spent most of the day in the backyard cleaning out the shed. I took some toys outside for Felix to play with, but he much preferred to spend his time playing with the dogs and other little 'treasures' he found in the shed. He ended up covered in dirt, but he had so much fun. Felix found some screws and washers while we were cleaning out the toolbox and he played with them for ages; lining them up all in a row. After that he found a couple of pieces of steel wool. He sat and unravelled them, stretched them and pulled them apart. I think the steel wool kept him entertained for about twenty minutes. It's amazing how kids can have so many toys and yet prefer to play with the odds and ends they find around the place. I love his curiosity, and the way he can keep himself entertained with simple things.

Happy and healthy :)
I woke up yesterday morning to lots of beautiful news. Another precious little girl (prenatally diagnosed with Down Syndrome), was born safe and well. I have got to know her Mum through a Facebook group for parents of children with Down Syndrome. She became a member of the group after her daughter's diagnosis. The members of our group have all been like a bunch of clucking hens, excitedly awaiting news of her arrival, and are now celebrating with her. The baby is doing really well and has the sweetest little face and chubby cheeks. She's an absolute doll and her family are madly in love with her. The other awesome news is that two families, each with adorable little boys who have an extra chromosome, are expecting their second child. I am so happy for both families and know that their sons are going to make amazing big brothers. All this baby news is tempting me to have another one........

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