Thursday, 3 January 2013

Little Cowboy

Future line-dancer?
Oh no! I think Felix likes country music! No offence to anyone who is a fan of country music but, it's the one genre of music I have never been able to listen to. Felix, on the other hand, has a music app on his ipad and he loves to make the banjo play...over and over and over while he dances along! We have been watching a TV series which starts with a country music song and, every time a new episode starts, Felix starts wriggling from side to side and shrugging his shoulders up and down. He absolutely loves it and it is pretty cute to watch, but I have my fingers crossed that he's not going to be asking for a cowboy hat and boots any time soon.

Our little man is still pretty miserable. His fever is gone, but he has a nasty cough and a nose that continues to pour. He has spent most of this morning sitting with us and intermittently laying down for a cuddle. Every now and again, he has a small burst of energy but he's certainly not back to his usual self yet. We are expecting the weather temperature to reach 46 degrees today (114.8F), so our plan is to try and keep Felix cool and to make sure he drinks plenty of water. If he's feeling a bit better this afternoon, I might take him outside, in the shade, and let him have a splash in his little pool to cool down. The poor kid has been stuck in the house for a week now so I'm looking forward to being able to take him out, for a change of scenery, when he's feeling better. If this heat wave continues, I think we'll be spending most of the time at the beach.

Lots of drinks today!
Due to him being sick, Felix and I have read a lot more books lately. I have noticed that his attention span has extended, and he's concentrating for longer periods of time on more lengthy stories. Usually he likes interactive books, like touch and feel ones, but his favourite at the moment is 'Slinky Malinki' by Lynley Dodd. When I have tried to read it before, he would turn the page before I could finish reading all the text. Yesterday, however, he sat through the entire book three times in a row. Each time I finished, he signed 'again' and I would have to read it over. I love the look of anticipation on his face when we reach a part in the story that he really likes. His eyes get wide and he looks up at me with a smile. I love those quiet times with Felix when he's snuggled on my knee and we're reading stories together. We're actually planning on buying Felix a big double bed so we will have plenty of room to sit next to him and read, even when he's much bigger.


  1. Awh, what a cutie!

    Congratulations to Felix for making such progress, hope he is feeling better.

    1. Thank you...we think he's pretty cute :) He is feeling much better today. He has been having tea parties with his teddies this morning!