Saturday, 19 January 2013

And He's Back!

He loves his Daddy
I think Felix is making up for lost time. He slept all night last night and hasn't had a day sleep today. He has been a bundle of mischief; everything I have packed up, he has unpacked. If he was busy reading a story in the corner, I would take the opportunity to pack up his puzzles. The second I was finished tidying the puzzles, he would laugh and tip them all out on the floor. He got a container of tiny little animal counters for Christmas (to use for counting, matching animals and matching colours). He loves them, but there are so many of them that I always find them under the couches, behind the toybox etc. Today, Felix just wanted to tip them out for no reason except to make a mess...little monkey. The last time I picked them all up, I screwed the lid of the container on tight so he couldn't open it again. Felix is a bit more clever than that; our resourceful little man carried the container to Isaiah, signed 'help' and Isaiah opened it for him so he could tip them all out again (followed by an evil chuckle).

Hanging coathangers on Daddy's ears
Sometimes when there are only a few baby wipes left in the packet, I let Felix play with them. He's fascinated with pulling them out of the packet and will sit and play with them for ages. Today, he stuffed some baby wipes into one of his teacups and then had a 'drink'. Later, he put one on his head, like a hat, and then one on each arm. By the time he finished playing with them, his little fingers were all wrinkled up from the moisture in the wipes because he'd played with them for so long.

Felix seems to enjoy playing with any tiny, little 'treasures' he can find, whether it be a strip of paper from a magazine, a few rocks or a piece of string. He uses his imagination to make games for himself with his bizarre collection of objects. Tonight at dinner, he had triangular pieces of flat bread which he lined up along the edge of his high chair. I called his name but he was too engrossed in his imaginative play, to even hear me. I think he has played more with all his little items over the past few weeks, since he's been sick, than he has with anything else. Even at my parents house, he preferred clothes pegs, plastic containers and the mesh bag (used to wash stockings etc), to the toys we took there with us. I guess what he was lacking in energy, he has made up for in imagination.

Tickle time with Daddy
When Nathan got home from work today, Felix had a huge burst of energy. He wrestled, tickled and climbed all over Daddy for almost an hour.  Nathan was completely worn out by the time Felix had finished jumping on him. It was very entertaining for me to watch. Felix looked like a little Mixed Martial Arts fighter, using his legs, knees and his elbows to try and win the 'fight'. He was well and truly ready for bed after all his exercise; it's the most energetic he's been in weeks. He didn't sleep all day, so he fell asleep within minutes of going to bed tonight. Hopefully he'll get back into the fantastic routine he was in before he got sick.

We'll be saying goodbye to this mop of hair
On Tuesday I'm going to take Felix for a haircut. He was meant to go last week, but woke up with a high fever so I had to cancel. Much as I love his long hair, I think we're going to give him a fairly drastic cut this time. It grows so fast and if it's short it will keep his head cooler over Summer. I'm dreading it, because he's going to look so much older and I love it that he still looks like a baby. It will probably be with tears in my eyes that I ask the hairdresser to cut it all off!

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