Saturday, 16 June 2012

Yay for Earplugs!

Super Felix
I've been wondering whether or not to continue with Felix's swimming lessons again next term or not. I mean, he's only little and how much will he really learn?  I've also been really concerned about his ears after he ended up with 2 ear infections after only his second swimming lesson. We've been having no success with him keeping his earplugs and headband on and I have really been worried about his health.

All of my worries were put to rest this morning. When we were still at home, I thought I'd try and put Felix's earplugs and headband on again. I fully expected him to pull the headband straight off like he always does, but he was fine with it. In fact, he kept playing on the floor until I took it off him again. When we arrived at the pool, he was really excited to be there. Before the lesson started, I put his earplugs in his ears and then put the headband on. He acted like he hadn't even noticed. It was fantastic.

Fun with Daddy
Watching Felix in the pool with Nathan this morning was great. I noticed in his last lesson that Felix had become a bit more confident in the pool. He had still been hesitant to lay on his back, and was totally against playing the game that involved sitting on a pool noodle; but he had definitely made some progress. This morning Nathan's goal was to "Conquer the pool noodle" (his words).

It was like something just 'clicked' with Felix this morning and everything was fun. He enthusiastically joined in with every activity and oozed confidence. Not only was he happy to sit on the pool noodle, but he had a huge smile as Nathan pushed him through the water and the teacher sang the 'Motor boat song'. He held onto the little kick board as Nathan held him on his back (instead of pushing it away and scrambling to turn himself onto his front). He happily chased after a little rubber duck in the water, and laughed when Nathan poured water from a cup over his head.  He even filled up a cup himself and tried to tip it over Nathan's head.

Using the kick board
on his back
Previous weeks, we have lifted Felix onto the edge of the pool, but this morning he lifted up his leg and, with only a little help, managed to pull himself up onto the side of the pool by himself.

Are we going to continue to take Felix to swimming lessons next term? Absolutely! Am I worried about his ears? Not any more. It was such a relief to watch him go the entire lesson without even touching his headband once. When I took it off after the class, the area around his ears was completely dry. I know it doesn't necessarily mean he will never get sick from something he picks up at the pool, but at least it minimises the risk. I don't want to wrap him up in cotton wool his whole life and have him miss out on doing things he enjoys, so I'm super happy right now!
Climbing out by himself

I've still had people asking where we got his earplugs/headband from. This is the website       We had them within days of ordering them so I definitely recommend them.

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