Thursday, 28 June 2012

In the Mundane

This is the face I wake up
to every morning :)
Felix is such a little groover! He loves listening to the Wiggles on his little CD player. He will often crawl over to it and point to get someone to turn it on for him. He does a few actions to some of the songs which is so cute, but yesterday he was extra adorable.....

Felix had climbed onto the coffee table in the middle of the lounge room and was doing his favourite actions to one of the songs he loves. Isaiah and I sat there with our mouths hanging open when the next song came on and watched him in awe. Felix started making up his own actions but the coolest thing is, he actually repeated a sequence of four different actions four times!! He tapped his thumbs together a few times, then bounced up and down on his bottom followed by twisting at his waist side to side. He finished by putting his hands over his ears and shaking his head from side to side. When he finished, he started all over again, remembering to do it exactly the same again. It made me so excited and I could picture him another couple of years older, dancing around the room. I can't wait!

Let loose in the toy aisle
Today was another one of those 'stop and smell the roses' type moments. I had some time to kill before I had to go and pick up the boys from school, so I decided to go over to the shops and look at the toy sale. Felix enjoys looking at all the colours and watching the people shopping so I knew he would be quite happy to sit in his pram and look around. There weren't many people there today so I decided to take Felix out of the pram and let him crawl around near the toys. He was so excited as we sat and pushed buttons on the toys which made lights flash and music play. Once he'd looked at one toy for a while, he crawled on to the next one. We 'talked' to each other as we looked at different toys; there were animal toys and different vehicles. We made the noises and did the signs we know. Felix did a lot of very excited pointing too.

When we were leaving the shops I saw a dog tied up outside, so we went over to have a look. Felix was interested until he saw a bus drive past slowly and he was transfixed by it, so I talked to him about the bus as  we watched it go past. After that, a taxi pulled up next to us, so we had a look at that for a while too. I probably looked hilarious squatting down next to Felix, pointing and talking about all the things we could see but since having Felix it just seems like such a normal thing to do. I love stopping to hold him up so he can touch the leaves on a tree; or showing him the different fruit in the supermarket. I'm constantly talking to him when we're at home even if he's playing next to me while I clean. I really believe communication is so important for any child, and even more so for children with Down Syndrome.

He drank nearly all of that smoothie!!
It's days like today that I really cherish. It seems like Felix and I don't have to do super exciting activities to really connect with each other and share special moments. It's all about turning the mundane into something interesting and using his curiosity to create a learning experience. I love every second with him!

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