Sunday, 10 June 2012


Such a happy boy
Being kind of like an only child (there is a 10 year gap between Felix and our next youngest son, Aaron), we have wanted to teach Felix how to share with other people. At home, he is the only one who plays with his toys and on his playground. All the other kids are too old and Noah (our Grandson) is still too young. We knew that if we didn't encourage him to share, he could get quite selfish and spoilt which is never a good trait in any child. We have encouraged the kids to sometimes ask Felix for things and hold onto them for a while before giving them back to him.

Felix taking turns passing the ball to Aaron and his friend

I am so proud to say that Felix has taken to sharing so beautifully. He likes to roll the ball to one of us and then we roll it back. He will hold out his food to us so we can have a bite and then he has one. If we are drinking coffee, he gets a bit annoyed when we don't offer him some, so we always give him the empty cup when we're finished so he can drink the drips in the bottom of it. If he is playing with other children he will play with something for a while and then hold the toy out for someone else to play with it. He really understands the concept well. Of course, he's still a kid at the end of the day and will occasionally grab something back which he has 'shared', but the majority of the time he does such a good job.

There are so many tiny things I notice every day which show me that Felix's level of understanding is just blossoming. Today my mobile phone beeped because someone had sent me a text message. It was on the coffee table and Felix was standing up next to it. I was on the couch and feeling a bit lazy so I thought I'd ask if he could pass it to me. Without hesitation, Felix picked up my phone, held onto the table with one hand and stretched out to pass it to me. Such a small thing, but I was so excited.

Our adorable Grandson,
Noah Zechariah
A friend came over to our place this afternoon. It had been a stressful day for her and she had a bit of a headache. Felix sat on her lap, facing her, and played with her hair. He was really gentle and had eyes for noone but her for a really long time. I really believe that he already knows when people need some extra love and attention. Usually he's too busy to sit on anyone's lap for very long (including ours). She enjoyed playing with Felix and she ended up smiling and with a fantastic hairstyle thanks to him too; good thing she didn't have to go out in public afterwards!

I thought I'd post a photo of our gorgeous little Grandson, Noah, today. I haven't put one up for ages. He is now 6 weeks old and such a sweet little boy. He looks so much like his Daddy (our son, Joel) at the same age, but has facial expressions like his Mummy. He is such an alert little guy and his big, wide eyes take everything in. Being Grandparents is wonderful; it's like being a parent but without the sleepless nights and dirty nappies :)


  1. Awwww your little grandson Noah is such a cutie.. No wonder you are so proud. Good to see how well Noah is sharing too. Its so nice to see his brother and friend hanging with him too. What gorgeous kids you have kylie... xxx

    1. He is a cutie...we love him to bits! So proud of our kids and they're so good with Felix. He learns heaps from them. Thanks for the lovely comments x x x