Saturday, 2 June 2012

Just keep swimming

Swimming was fun today!
Felix had his second swimming lesson this morning. This time Nathan wasn't working so he took him into the water for his class. I got to sit back and do what I love doing and that is taking lots and lots of photos.

Fun with Daddy
I am pleased to report that there were no issues getting Felix dressed into his wetsuit and swimming nappy today. We made it into a bit of a game and counted all of his fingers and toes as he got dressed. He was giggling and thought it was funny. He was still smiling when we got to the pool and quite happily crawled around on the floor while we were waiting for his class to start.

It was fun to watch Felix from the side of the pool, enjoying time with his Daddy. You could see on his face that he thought it was great having him there. He has become more confident even just one week later and although he is still a bit apprehensive being put on his back in the water, he did do it once or twice. Maybe having Nathan in the water made him feel a bit safer (his arms are considerably bigger than mine).

Trying to stand up on the floating mat
One thing which amazed me was what Felix did when the instructor put a big foam mat onto the surface of the water. The idea was that the kids would crawl (or walk) along the mat towards a rubber duck at the end. When she pulled that mat out last week, there was no way that Felix was going anywhere near it. He backed away at full speed. Today not only did he crawl along the mat, but he got to the middle and tried to stand up! What a little show-off! He was absolutely beaming and so proud of himself. It was one of those really cool moments, and I'm so thankful I caught it on camera.

A little bit less worried about being on his back
After a huge sleep when we got home (swimming is obviously exhausting work), Felix and I had lots of snuggles and a big play together. We were wrestling with each other and I was tickling his tummy. Every so often a bit of my hair would fall across my eyes. On three separate occasions, Felix stopped giggling and playing and reached out his hand and brushed the hair out of my face and combed it behind my ear. I have no idea why he did it or if he had even paid attention to me brushing my hair before, but it was done so tenderly and gently with an "ahhhh."   Wow! I'm sure Felix does things deliberately sometimes to make me was so beautiful. It's overwhelming how much I love that kid!!!


  1. I am so glad you uploaded this post about the swimming, have been checking all day!

    How cute is Felix!!!! such a sweet, sweet boy!

  2. Thank you :) He enjoyed it so much, especially being able to share it with Daddy x x x