Sunday, 17 June 2012

A Visitor

I CAN put Daddy's beanie on!
Our beautiful daughter, Bekah (19), arrived today to stay for a few days. We haven't seen her for nearly 2 months because she lives and works so far away, so it's great to have her here. Felix was really happy to see her; it was like he only saw her yesterday. He showed her lots of his new tricks, including standing up without pulling himself up on anything. He stood for quite a long time and Bekah just assumed that it's something he does all the time when, in fact, he still only does it occasionally. He obviously wanted to impress her.

One thing Bekah has always done with Felix is sing to him. Right from when he was a newborn, she would walk around the house with him in her arms singing songs to him. It used to drive us crazy sometimes hearing the same song over and over; but he loved it. Today she started singing the song she has always sung to him and his face said it all. He was in awe. His sister was home and he was loving it!

I CAN make monkey noises like the
monkey on my pajamas!
Bekah and I bathed Felix tonight and had so much fun. He was playing with the bubbles and had a little bubble beard and a bubble hat. I asked if he could put some bubbles on my face, so he scooped some up and gave me a bubble beard to match his. He thought it was the funniest thing and giggled his head off. When I lifted him out of the bath, I held him up to the mirror so he could see all the bubbles he had piled up on top of his head. He's quite a fan of looking at himself in the mirror, so he was very impressed with seeing his bubbly reflection.

Whenever our older kids visit, they always marvel at what Felix CAN DO. They notice all the new things he has learnt since they last saw him. They never ask, "Is he doing this yet?" or "When do you think he will be doing that?" They take time to just sit with him and observe him as he plays and interacts with them and notice what he has learnt all on their own. Bekah actually squealed out loud when she saw Felix sign "Eat" today when I asked him if he was hungry. She's in for a shock over the next few days as he shows her even more of what he can do.

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