Thursday, 21 June 2012

Felix and Jacob

Standing all by himself!
Felix's little buddy, Jacob, came over to play this afternoon. I should probably say 'big buddy' because Felix looks tiny next to him even though Jacob is 4 months younger. Jacob's Mum, Rachel, and I were marvelling today at how different our boys are to each other. Both have Down Syndrome and yet their short journey through life so far has seen them do very different things at different times, just like other children.

Smiley boy, Jacob.
Jacob was born with a heart condition requiring surgery when he was a tiny baby (very common in babies with Down Syndrome), whereas Felix's heart was fine when he had a scan just after birth. Jacob is a big, solid boy who is above average for his height and weight even for a 'typical' baby. Felix is much more like the average baby with Down Syndrome with his height and weight way below average. Felix has been mobile since he was about 10 months old and Jacob is just started to inch himself around now. Sometimes babies who have required surgery, and have had other medical issues, take a little while to get the strength up to crawl. Jacob learnt to point at things, like baby games on his Mum's phone, long before Felix did; but Felix clapped at about 7 months old and Jacob is still learning.

It's beautiful to watch them learn and experience things together. Felix watches Jacob and tries to do the things he can do and Jacob does the same with Felix. They are just like any other children who learn from each other at their own pace. When they have successes it's fantastic. If they are unable to do something yet, that's OK too; they will surprise us with that another time and when they do there will be lots of celebrating!

Bekah reading one of the sign language
books to Felix
Nathan is nearing the end of his holidays. It's been great to have him home. Felix is going to find it really hard not having Daddy home every day. He stopped three times at Kindergym yesterday and signed 'Daddy' because Nathan wasn't there with us. Even at home, if Nathan is in another room, Felix will ask me where he is or go looking for him himself. He is Nathan's little shadow. I think we might have to keep very busy next week so he doesn't miss him too much.

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