Monday, 11 June 2012

The Dogs

Hold still Chaos!
It's a wonder we can get anything done with Felix around. We just want to play with him all the time. Nathan is on holidays at the moment and we spend half the day just having fun with him. Our American Staffy, Chaos, sleeps in our room at night time and Felix always likes to pat him and give him some cuddles in the morning. Chaos loves the smell of Felix's breath and we spend a lot of the time trying to stop him from 'kissing' Felix on the face. This morning we spent ages watching Felix play with Chaos. Felix was playing with his beads and decided to try and put them around Chaos's neck. His coordination is getting better and better all the time and it was so cute to see him trying to put the beads around a wriggling dog's neck. He persisted for a few minutes until he managed to get them over Chaos's big head. The look of satisfaction on his face when he got them on was priceless.

A bit later on we let our big Bull Mastiff, Atlas, come inside for a little while. Felix climbed up on the dog bed with him and tried to put one of my socks on his foot. Felix looks so tiny next to Atlas and because Atlas is still just a puppy he isn't always careful around Felix and can sometimes knock him over. Felix used to be a little bit wary of him but has become very brave lately and will try and climb on him. Even if he gets knocked over, he gets back up and starts climbing on him again. I'm glad he's not frightened and it's going to be beautiful to watch Felix grow up with the dogs. Animals have unconditional love and don't judge someone based on their looks, colour or abilities. I think they will all be great friends.

Putting a sock on
Daniel (our 22 year old) and his girlfriend, Cate, came over for a visit this afternoon and brought coffee and cake. Felix loved not only having a captive audience to laugh at his antics, but thought the cake was pretty awesome as well. He frantically signed 'More, more, more' before he had even finished one mouthful. He wasn't too impressed when we told him he couldn't have any more and he reluctantly signed 'finished'.

Sharing the dog bed
Joel brought Noah into the room to meet Cate for the first time (she lives a long way from here). Cate was cuddling Noah and Felix worked out very quickly that he wasn't the centre of attention at that moment because everyone was looking at Noah. He was so cheeky, trying to get the attention back on himself by making funny noises and walking around the furniture and just generally showing off. Such a hilarious little boy! Eventually he made his way over to Cate and Noah and showed what a lovely Uncle he is by gently stroking Noah and patting him on the head. He's so precious.

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