Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Felix fun & some of Ryan's firsts

Snuggles with his
Auntie x x x
It's been a busy few days. We have enjoyed having our daughter, Bekah, visit us and also had a surprise visit from Nathan's sister and her partner, and our niece. We haven't seen them in months so it was great to catch up. Felix had just woken up when his Auntie arrived. He is usually very clingy to us when he's still a bit sleepy, but he held out his arms to her and snuggled against her and cuddled for ages. It was an extra special treat for her and she loved every minute of it. He knows how to make the special people in our lives feel good!

Felix had us laughing our heads off yesterday. He pulled a tissue out of the box, held it to his nose and then made a massive snorting noise! It was hilarious. I have no idea where he got that from. I don't think anyone in the family blows their nose quite that loudly but he's obviously heard it from somewhere. Such a funny kid! Today, I blew a raspberry on the palm of Felix's hand. He laughed and laughed, then he put the palm of his hand to his own mouth and did what I had just done; blew a huge raspberry. He's such a quick learner!

My new Felix tattoo
with a DS butterfly
Today, Nathan, Felix and I drove to a town 3 hours away from home to get a couple of new tattoos. Felix travels so well in the car which is a good thing considering we live in the country. He enjoyed some time by himself with Daddy while I got my tattoo done, and then some time with me when Nate got his done. There is a little shop right near the tattoo place where parents can have coffee and the kids can play. Felix loved it. There was even another little boy there named Felix. What are the chances of that?

I had been planning my tattoo for quite a while. Of course, I had to get a Felix the Cat but I also wanted something to represent Down Syndrome in some way. I thought of the Down Syndrome butterfly, but wanted something a bit more simple. I ended up choosing a basic butterfly to match with Felix the Cat and got a little bit of blue and yellow around it (the colours of Down Syndrome awareness). I'm very happy with it, and Felix thought it was great too :)

Caught with his hand
in Mummy's
An update on Ryan...
Recently I blogged about a precious little boy, the same age as Felix, who doesn't have long to live. His Mum has made a 'Bucket List' of 'firsts' to experience with Ryan before he passes away. I just wanted to share some of the things Ryan's Mum has already been able to cross of her list.
- He got his first (rub on) tattoo
- He held a puppy (brought into his hospital room)
- He had his first beer (rootbeer) on his 21 month birthday!
- He did his first painting
The most recent 'first' was extra cool. He 'drove' his first (pedal) car along the hospital hallway which was fun, but the best bit is that he actually got 'pulled over' by a real Police Officer and given his first speeding ticket!! This was all organised by a friend of the family. How awesome that people are pulling together to give Ryan and his family some really precious memories together.


  1. I just spent the last 20mins catching up on all your posts since last time, such a priviledge to be able to share these beautiful moments in your life.
    Thankyou xxx