Monday, 25 June 2012

No Clowns Please

Just a little bit clever!
Felix enjoyed the last Special Needs Playgroup session for the term this morning. He is often a bit tired because it overlaps a bit with his sleep time, but this morning he was extra cheery. He sat on his chair for the welcome song and stuck the little photo of himself up on the board when it was his turn. He laughed while I helped him do the actions to the songs and clapped excitedly. It was beautiful to watch him enjoying it so much.

I put a little train set together on the mat for Felix to play with and he sat for ages pushing the train around the track with just one finger. I've started teaching him the sign for 'train' and always make lots of 'toot toot' sounds to go along with it. While he was busy playing with the train I found a Jack-in-a-box and brought it over to him. He hadn't seen it before, so he lifted up the lid and nearly jumped out of his skin. He was not impressed at all. He pushed it away as fast as he could and then scooted backwards to get away from it. He obviously shares his Daddy's dislike for clowns!

We are yet to conquer the tunnel
Ages ago at Special Needs Playgroup, I tried to get Felix to hold a baby doll. Mel was pregnant with Noah and I thought it might be a good idea to introduce dolls to him. He was petrified of it and couldn't get away from it quick enough, so my great idea was unsuccessful. This morning, however, he was playing in the home corner and saw a baby doll sitting in a high chair. He pulled himself up to stand next to the high chair and gently touched the doll on its head with one finger. He was very cautious, but his curiosity got the better of him and he leaned in close to study the doll's face. It was a bit of a breakthrough!

Yay! I'm a big boy!
After inspecting the doll for a while, Felix moved on to the painting easel. He patiently waited for me to put his smock on and then started painting. He picked up the brush in his right hand because it was closer but straight away swapped it to his left. He does that all the time now. Anything we put in his right hand, he moves to his left. It makes signing interesting because we show him right handed but he does it left handed. Felix stood at the easel for ages happily painting away. Every now and again I gave him a different colour brush until he had created a beautiful painting. Another one for our wall.

Today is day 3 of putting Felix on the potty. He is still doing so well. He did a wee every single time we put him on there today. Nathan was a bit unsure of the whole toilet training thing but tonight when I was out, he got brave and put him on the potty and Felix did a wee for him too. It almost seems too good to be true that toilet training is going so well. Hopefully Felix will continue to keep doing well and who knows? The end of nappies may be in sight!!

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