Monday, 4 June 2012

Sick boy

Sick but still adorable!
It's been a little bit tricky to get a blog done today. After an unsettled night last night (very unusual for Felix who usually sleeps from 6.30pm to 6am), the little guy has been running a high fever all day. He has fallen asleep on me at least five times (also very unusual for him). His little cheeks are bright red and all he has wanted to do is snuggle, which I have been enjoying as he's usually too busy for cuddles. He hasn't eaten anything and it's been hard to get him to drink anything at all. It's days like today that I wish I was still breastfeeding because at least then I could convince him to drink a bit. He is sound asleep on my chest as I type this.....

We'll keep an eye on him tonight, but if he's no better or gets any worse I think we'll be off  to the Doctor tomorrow. I hate it when Felix is sick. Like I've said before, we have been so lucky health wise with Felix. We know a lot of people who have children with Down Syndrome that have battled some serious health issues; some ongoing. We count our blessings every day. When Felix is sick, however, we get a lot more concerned about him than we did with our other kids because we know that he is much more prone to things going wrong than our 'regular' kids.

Snuggling up to Daddy 
Despite being sick today, Felix has still shown us glimpses of his cheeky self. I got the camera out earlier to take some photos of him snuggled up with Daddy and he still managed to give me one of his, 'Oh please more photo' grimaces followed by a huge smile. He is such a tough little guy. I'm really hoping he'll be feeling much better soon.

People with Down Syndrome often have a very high pain tolerance which can sometimes make judging whether or not your child is sick or in pain quite difficult to detect. I have heard many stories about children with Down Syndrome who are quite ill or have a serious injury before their parents even realise they need help. As parents of a child with Down Syndrome, we have to be much more 'tuned in' than we were with our other kids.

Personally, I think our kids are born tough because they have to fight to survive before they are even born. Most babies with Down Syndrome (who aren't terminated), will naturally miscarry because the woman's body will sense that something is 'not quite as it should be'.  So really, how could you not see a baby born with Down Syndrome as a blessing and absolutely 'meant to be'. They have defied the odds before they even had a chance to take a breath. The very fact that they survived until birth is remarkable! I'm thankful every day that Felix beat the odds :)
Asleep on Mummy

I better stop writing now so I can enjoy this perfect little boy snuggled in my lap. If only I could ring a bell and have a maid come and finish cleaning the house and cook the kids some dinner. Hmmmmm.... do McDonalds  home deliver?


  1. Beautiful post. Hope Felix is feeling much better by the time the new day starts today! xx

    1. Thanks. He was a little bit better this morning so hopefully he's starting to pick up. I'm finding it so hard to get him to take his antibiotics though, so I hope he's getting enough of them. He's a tough cookie x x x

  2. I only just found out about your blog today Kylie, it's been beautiful to read through some of your entries. I hope Felix is feeling much better now, so he can be back to full swing with all his gorgeous antics!

    1. Thank you :) Hopefully he'll be feeling much better tomorrow. Glad you enjoyed having a bit of a read of my blog. He gives me so much to write about! x x x