Friday, 1 June 2012

Enjoy Every Second

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So many beautiful moments today. I honestly don't know where to start. When Nathan leaves for work in the morning, he has the same routine every day. Felix knows it really well because he is always up at that time, sitting on our bed having some cuddles and a play. Nathan will say goodbye to the dog first (he assures me he leaves the best for last...ha ha!) Next he gives Felix a kiss and then he kisses me. This morning he kissed Felix, then Felix put his hand on Nathan's cheek and pushed his head towards me because he knows my kiss is next. Talk about adorable!!

I bought Felix a new toy yesterday. It is one of those ones which has a hole at the top where you can put a ball, and then the ball rolls down a series of ramps before it comes out of another hole at the bottom. This one makes music as the ball rolls down. I underestimate Felix's abilities sometimes and honestly thought it would take him a while before he was able to put the ball in the hole on the top. As usual, he proved me wrong and did it the very first time he tried. It kept his attention for ages. The really cool thing today was when he showed me how good he was at turn-taking. He put the ball in the hole and when it came out of the bottom, he passed it to me and said, "Ta". I then put the ball in the hole and when it came out, he did it again himself. The game kept going for about 5 minutes. He knew each time whether it was him or me who had the next turn and didn't mess up the order once! He instigated the whole thing and I didn't remind him at all.

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When Isaiah (now 14) was about 2 years old, I once caught him in the backyard stark naked, riding his tricycle, wearing only gumboots and a bike helmet. It was one of those, 'quick..where is the camera?' moments. It seems that Felix might be set to walk in Isaiah's footsteps (I already found him a few months ago sitting proudly in his cot with his nappy completely off.) Tonight Felix sat on the kitchen floor, concentrating really hard on taking his jeans off. He got one leg out and then pulled hard until his other leg came free. A few minutes later I turned around and saw that he had managed to get his jacket completely off as well. He had a massive grin on his face! Never thought I'd be so proud of one of our kids stripping; it showed me how good his coordination is getting. It's funny the things you get excited about when you have a child with Down Syndrome; anything which shows a new skill is awesome.

The new book I ordered arrived today, 'Down Syndrome 101'. I have only had time to read the Preface as I was too busy marvelling at my own little person with Down Syndrome. One thing that caught my eye straight away was when the author wrote that there is no need to get caught up in trying to teach, teach, teach your child with Down Syndrome (to the point where you are stressed out); instead to sit back and watch in awe as they show you all the things that they can do. They will show you what clever, inquisitive, sensitive and lovable people they are all on their own, and to enjoy every second. I know I do!

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