Saturday, 23 June 2012

Potty Time

Signing "Sleep"
Nathan and I weren't able to go in the pool with Felix today because we just got new tattoos that are still healing. Lucky for Felix, he had one brother prepared to get up bright and early on a freezing cold Saturday morning to go swimming with him. Joel (17) saved the day, pulled on his board shorts and happily jumped in the water with Felix for his lesson.

Felix looked so relaxed today. He laughed and splashed with his hands and even kicked his legs a little bit. Joel showed him how to blow bubbles in the water. Felix tried to copy him and blew raspberries with his mouth every time Joel blew bubbles with his. Hopefully Felix's love for mimicking others will have him blowing bubbles in the water soon. He's certainly not too far away from doing it.

Swimming with his big brother
When we got home from swimming, I thought I would put Felix on the new potty seat I have just bought for him. I figured that we may as well try and get him used to the seat for when we start making a concerted effort to potty train him in Summer. Half of me thought he might be frightened of sitting on it.

Being always full of surprises, Felix sat there for about 10 seconds and then did a wee!! I couldn't believe it! I know it was a 'fluke', but I was still very impressed and clapped my hands and told Felix how clever he was. Before I put him to bed tonight I thought I would put him on there again and I couldn't believe it; he did it again! It was so exciting! I have noticed that when I get him undressed to go in the bath he will sometimes start to wee, and sometimes other times at nappy changes too. I figure that if we try and put him on the potty at those times and he wees there instead, he might start to make the correlation between the two. The funniest thing is that he has done a wee on the potty earlier than all of our other 'typical' boys.

After a quick one hour nap after swimming lessons this morning, I had to wake Felix up to take him to his buddy, Gemma's, 2nd birthday party at the kindergym. I rarely ever wake him up, but it was lovely to have him super snuggly and cuddling up to me while he was still sleepy. His cheeks were all rosy and adorable!

Minnie Mouse is terrifying!
Felix had a great time. He had smiles for everyone as he crawled around and explored. He got to play some games and eat lots of party food; including a cupcake which he devoured in no time. He has his Daddy's sweet tooth I think. He was very spoilt and got the biggest party bag when he left with lots of yummy treats, balloons and some fun things to play with. He sat on the floor when we got home and pulled everything out and decided that he still had room in his belly for some teddy biscuits.

One of the funniest things at the party was when I tried to get Felix to sit next to a giant, inflatable Mickey and Minnie Mouse. He was fine until they started to sway in the breeze and then he was petrified. He climbed up on my shoulder and screamed. I probably shouldn't say it was funny, but the dirty look he gave Minnie Mouse just before he started to cry was hilarious!

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