Friday, 21 December 2012

The End of the World?

My little handy man
Well here I am, on what some would say is meant to be the last day here on earth. According to most things I've heard, I still have another 44 minutes until the world ends here in Australia....I better type quickly! How have I spent my last day? I got up early to make some bread and get started on dinner for tonight. I did loads and loads of washing (like most other days), wrapped a couple of extra gifts and I put together Nathan's Christmas present, with the help of my little elf, Felix.

Felix amazed me once again today with his inquisitiveness and his persistence. I recently bought an outdoor setting for Nathan for Christmas. It has really high, heavy chairs and a tall table. Of course it came in five gigantic boxes, and I had to put it all together. Felix was really curious and sat watching what I was doing while I constructed the first chair. By the time I started on the second he was acting as my assistant, and stood nearby, handing me the screws as I needed them. On chair number three, he must have felt that his training was complete. Just like a professional tradesman, he put a screw in his mouth until he found the hole it had to go in, then he removed it from his mouth and pushed it in. He continued to do this until he had run out of screws. It was so good for his fine motor skills to have to manipulate the screw and put it in correctly. I was very impressed!
Plenty of room to read on the new chair

Joel asked me to wrap a couple of presents for him today (typical boy!) Just like the last time I wrapped presents, my little helper was by my side. It was another one of those learning moments with Felix when, even though he was having fun, he was mastering a skill which he had only recently learnt. I found some more tiny Christmas stickers and he had a great time putting them all over the presents. I noticed that he has become aware of when he accidentally bends a sticker as he places it on the paper. Straight away, he pushes a finger along the creased bit to straighten it back out again. He was also much more aware of spacing the stickers out on the paper, rather than overlapping them or placing them on top of each other. It's incredible how his ability to do things can improve so quickly when he's only done a certain activity a couple of times.

Tonight, Felix was really unsettled. He cried on and off for about an hour, which is very unlike him. He has a bit of a runny nose and I'm really hoping his ears aren't hurting him at all. He went to bed a little bit earlier than usual because he was so unhappy. We're hoping to take him to our Christmas street party and fireworks tomorrow night, but might have to see how he is in the morning.

Looking super tiny in one of Daddy's new chairs
I hope everyone's Christmas plans are coming along well. I'm really looking forward to having our family here (minus our two big kids, who we'll miss terribly). The thing I enjoy most about Christmas is just being together; laughing, playing and having fun together. I love waiting on everyone and cooking lots of food for them to enjoy too, but it's nice to have a doze on the couch in the afternoon! I can't wait to see Felix's face on Christmas morning when we have a house full of people and lots of excitement! Hopefully we'll still be around to enjoy it... 17 minutes til the end of the world :)   It's been great sharing my blog with you all x x x


  1. What a great helper,love the chair pic

    1. He looks so tiny in that huge big chair :)