Thursday, 27 December 2012

A Lovely Uncle

Kisses for Noah
It was really sad to say goodbye to my parents and Bekah this morning. It's been so nice having them here with us. I love that Felix has got to know them so well over the past few months (because of more trips to the city), that he snuggles into my Mum's shoulder or brings toys over to my Dad to play. He adores his sister and, even though there are long periods of time between visits, he always remembers her and they pick up exactly where they left off.

Great sharing
Felix has had so much fun balancing cups on top of people's heads over the past few days, that he decided that Noah needed one on his head today. It's been so gorgeous sitting and watching the two of them play. Felix has been carefully balancing a plastic cup on top of Noah's head. Noah has sat very still with the cup on his head until it has fallen off, and then Felix has laughed and done it all over again. Noah has caught on very quickly and has been trying to put it on his own head as well. They're both so cute. I'm glad Felix isn't scared of Noah any more; it has been so beautiful for me, as their Mum and Granny, to see their relationship with each other develop. I have always said that Felix is going to be the 'fun' Uncle in the family. I'm pretty sure that he'll boss all of his future nephews and nieces around, but will be the one to keep them all entertained as well.

Being silly with Granny, Papa & Noah
It has been a fairly quiet day for Felix today. He had an extra long sleep, and has enjoyed some time on his own reading some books and playing with his toys. He really loves his sign language books. The pictures are a photograph on a plain white background which makes them really stand out. He loves the photos of all the children in the 'Emotions' book. Tonight we read it over and over again. By the time we were finished, he could point to the picture of a little girl crying and sign 'crying'. He also learnt how to sign 'cuddle' and, best of all, he signed 'love' for the very first time. I know I rave on a bit about signing, but it is the best thing we ever started doing with Felix. I already see his frustration when he is trying to tell us something and we don't understand him, so him being able to sign most things has been so helpful. We try to teach ourselves words which are relevant to Felix in his day to day life; things he's interested in, or words we use with him a lot. It has certainly been a learning experience for us, but one I'm really glad we've had the opportunity to experience.

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