Sunday, 23 December 2012


Dress ups
It's been a busy couple of days for Felix. Yesterday morning I found him in my bottom drawer; something he hasn't done for a long time. He was having a great time draping as many of my clothes as possible around his neck. After he had finished with his 'styling', he went and admired himself in the mirror, chatting away and laughing at himself. He used to spend a lot of time in front of the mirror, but hasn't done it as much in recent months. It was a bit of a blast from the past to see him doing it again.

Cuddles with Daddy by the beach
Last night was our local Christmas street party. The main street of town was closed off to traffic, and different food stalls, jumpy castles and other things were set up along the street. Felix was a little bit overwhelmed at first. We haven't been at too many crowded venues lately because it's been school holidays, so playgroup and kindergym are finished for the year. It didn't take him too long to relax and start looking around and enjoying himself. One of the most precious moments was when a woman (whose family I know), in her mid-30's and also has Down Syndrome, started chatting to me. She asked me what Felix's name was, and then said, with a big smile, "Felix and I will be able to understand each other. We have the same disability." The recognition that Felix also had Down Syndrome was so cool. She's such a lovely girl, and has a great sense of humour. I really hope that Felix speaks as well as she does, and interacts with people so beautifully when he is the same age. She really is a joy to speak to.
Oooooh...look at the water

After we had wandered the street party for a while, eaten hot chips and fresh cinnamon donuts, we decided to walk down to the beach for a while. We had some time to kill before the fireworks, and it was really hot (over 40 degrees celsius). We took Felix down to the edge of the water to cool down and have a play. He thought it was awesome! I made sure he didn't go out too far because he just got his grommets put in. The last thing I wanted was for him to get water in his ears. He was really happy just to squat down and run his fingers through the water. There was a lot of seaweed which he found pretty exciting too.

Fireworks are amazing!
We headed back to the street party (via the donut van), and then went and found a good spot to sit and wait for the fireworks to start. I was totally unsure how Felix would react to the fireworks. He can be so funny with certain noises (like Noah squealing), and with different pitches, but at other times he is fine. I am pleased to report that, from the very first 'bang', Felix was mesmerised! He looked up into the sky, and his head didn't move the entire time the fireworks were going. Every so often he would make a quiet "Oooooh" sound, which was adorable. I can safely say, the fireworks were a huge hit!

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