Saturday, 15 December 2012

Felix's Surgery

My brother keeps me safe.....
It's time to pack again; this time for a trip down to the city for Felix's surgery on Monday. I know it's just basic surgery, and he will barely be under any anaesthetic at all, but I still feel nervous. I hated seeing him put under for his MRI earlier this year and I'm not looking forward to seeing it again this time. Felix has to have grommets put in his ears to, hopefully drain the 'sludge' which seems to sit behind his eardrums, causing infections every now and again. While he is asleep, the Opthamologist is going to have a better look at his optic nerve and also probe his tear ducts to try and open them up. His eyes still get very watery (people often think he is crying), and the fluid which leaks out is quite sticky. Sometimes his eyes get a bit 'gunky' as well but, thankfully not as much as they used to. It's a very common issue affecting kids with Down Syndrome, as all of their little tubes and canals are much more narrow than the average child. It should be a very straightforward surgery, however, and we should be able to leave the hospital soon after he wakes up.

.....even from Santa
Yesterday morning, my friend Deb, Felix and I went over to Aaron's school to see him receive the school pride award for his class. Nathan was working, but was able to drop by quickly to see him presented with his medal. What the teacher had to say about Aaron was really special. One line in particular really stood out to me (and made me teary)..... "(Aaron) does not associate himself with a particular group but makes an effort to involve everyone."  That makes me so proud! I've always loved the way that Aaron doesn't have to be one of the 'cool kids', and sees people for who they are. I really believe it's a gift of his and I hope it continues throughout his life.

Felix was really funny over at the school. When Nathan arrived (in uniform), Felix was a bit apprehensive to be held by him. It was hilarious. He sees him in uniform when we visit him at work, but I think it threw him that Daddy was dressed like that in a different setting. All of Aaron's friends rushed over to Felix when the assembly was over. He was quite the celebrity with some of them wanting to hold him. He wasn't letting go of Aaron's neck though, but had plenty of cheeky smiles for everybody.

....and on the slide
Last night was Nathan's work Christmas party. We thought we would give the whole Santa thing another try. I was already certain of what was going to happen, and I was right. There was no way in the world that Felix was going any where near Santa. Isaiah held him and sat on Santa's lap, but Felix burst into tears so that was short lived. We will see what next year brings....

There was an inflatable 'jumpy castle' at the party and Isaiah was dying to take Felix on it. There was a big flight of stairs and a slide down each side of it. Isaiah, being the ever protective brother, climbed up very carefully with Felix and slid down the slide with him on his lap. Felix loved it so much! They had barely reached the bottom and Felix was already signing 'again'. Isaiah took him on it over and over until he was exhausted. Felix still wanted to keep going. He was full of giggles and smiles. I have a feeling that Isaiah enjoyed it even more than Felix did. He loves sharing new experiences with Felix and he never tires of it, which is so beautiful.

Well, as with most of our trips to the city, we probably won't have internet access until we get home on Tuesday, so I will be absent from my blog until then. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers for Felix on Monday (although Nate and I will probably need them more!) In the meantime, try to take a break from the Christmas rush to tell those you love how much they mean to you. Spend some extra time with them and hug them tight. There has been so much tragedy in the world lately and sadly, life is fragile and there is no promise of tomorrow. Live each day to the fullest and love deeply x x x