Friday, 28 December 2012

Quick Trip Back to Hospital

Not feeling well :(
Just after we got into bed last night, we heard the sound we never like to hear through the baby monitor; the barking cough. After Felix's last bout of croup, the Doctor said to take him to hospital immediately at the first sign of it again, so we jumped out of bed, got dressed and headed off for the hospital. Thankfully, because we got onto it quickly, Felix's oxygen sats didn't drop too low this time, so he didn't need oxygen or have to be admitted to hospital. It was nice to be able to bring him home, after he'd been given some medication, and put him in his own bed (and for us to sleep in ours). There's nothing worse than trying to sleep in a chair by a hospital bed. I admire those parents, of kids with Down Syndrome, who have to do it on a regular basis. You people are superhuman, I'm sure of it!

Concentrating on the ipad
The good thing about our impromptu hospital trip is that Felix had his ears checked. I'm happy to report, that at this point in time, his grommets are sitting nicely in his ears and haven't fallen out yet. Hopefully they will stay put and give Felix some much needed relief from his ear infections. Having been in hospital recently, Felix knew exactly what to do to have his oxygen checked. He put his finger out when the nurse asked, and let her clip the monitor to it. He sat patiently, with it on his finger, until she took it off again. He even cooperated when she looked at his throat. Despite not feeling well, Felix was his usual charming self. He had smiles for the nurses, and even blew them kisses and waved when we left.

Felix has actually been quite happy today. He and I have spent the day reading stories and playing games on his ipad. A few of us are starting to feel a bit sick, with sore throats and coughs. When Bekah arrived to stay with us for Christmas, she had a really awful flu, so I had a feeling we all might succumb to it eventually. I wasn't feeling too brilliant today, so it was nice just to hang out with Felix and play with him. It was a relief that he wasn't at his most energetic because I would have struggled to keep up with him, I think.

Crocodile got his nose
Tonight when I put him to bed, Felix was a little bit upset, so I went back into his room to give him a cuddle. Usually I give him a quick one and then leave the room (he's so good at putting himself to sleep that I don't want him to get used to us staying in there for ages), but I climbed into his toddler bed with him and had a big snuggle. He rested his head on my shoulder and looked up at me with those beautiful almond shaped eyes. We lay like that for ages; he and I both looking at each other. His eyes started to get heavy, so I lay him down and gave him a hug goodnight. He patted me a few times on the shoulder, like I do to him, and then I kissed him and left the room. I think he must have fallen straight to sleep. Hopefully, we will have an uneventful night and he will be able to sleep through the night without coughing. It's awful when he's sick, but I do like the extra cuddles.


  1. You are amazing parents to little Felix! And he's so cute and seems like a sweet child.

    Best of luck and lots of love from Paris, France.

    1. Thank you so much. He really is the sweetest! He is so easy to love and a joy to have around. Love to you in France from us, all the way down here in Australia x x x