Saturday, 29 December 2012

Don't Want to Sleep

What do you mean I'm meant to be asleep?
For about a year now, Felix has gone down for a nap at about 10.30am in the morning and slept for 2-3 hours at a time. The last few days, when he has been put to bed, he has been getting up and playing with his toys in his room instead of going straight to sleep. He doesn't cry and he's not bothered by playing by himself, but I really want him to have a sleep so he's not grumpy later in the day.

This morning, we put Felix into his bed for a sleep but, after about half an hour, we could still hear him playing. I peeked in through the door to see him sitting in his box of Duplo (with the majority of it all over the floor), having a great time, playing with the bricks and talking to himself.  His back was towards me so he couldn't see me so I quickly ran to get the camera and take a photo. I called Nathan to come and have a look and we both couldn't help but laugh. He was having so much fun and wasn't slightly concerned that it was meant to be sleep time. We got him out of the box and put him back to bed, and awaited 'round two'.

Some imaginary play
Round two came quite quickly. We could hear a bit of banging against Felix's bedroom door and knew that our little monkey was up to something again. I tried to open the door, but he was sitting against it, so I had to nudge him gently with it until he moved far enough away so that I could squeeze in. There he was, with every single nappy thrown out of the basket and onto the floor, and working his way through a packet of baby wipes. He had already pulled out half the packet by the time I got into the room. After tidying and removing the nappies and wipes, I put Felix back to bed for a second time.

Felix decided to do something extra special for 'round three'. I still don't know how he did it, but he managed to pull his vaporiser (thankfully not completely full of water) onto the floor. There he was, playing in a puddle of water with a big grin on his face. I'm always careful to put the vaporiser cord behind his chest of drawers so he can't see it, but it must not have been far enough out of his reach. I rectified the problem by putting the cord even further back, until it was difficult even for me to get to it. Hopefully our little adventurer won't be able to pull it down again. For the third time, I put Felix back to bed and this time, he went to sleep. I think, tomorrow, I will try to keep him up until about 12 and then put him to bed. Maybe he will go to sleep easier that way??
Who invited you and your camera to my tea party?

Tonight, after dinner and a bath, Felix wandered off by himself to play with some of his toys. After I had finished in the kitchen, I looked into the lounge room to see him sitting and having a tea party. I watched him scoop some 'sugar' from the sugar bowl and pour some 'tea' into the teacup, before he stirred it with his tiny spoon. It was the cutest thing! He carefully placed the four little saucers onto the table with a matching teacup for his 'friends'. I watched him for ages as he indulged in some beautiful imaginary play. I whispered to the older kids (who were also watching Felix), that I was going to go and get my camera. I knew that as soon as he saw me with it, it would spoil the moment, so I tried to be sneaky. Unfortunately, Felix is a bit too clever. He saw me almost straight away and pushed all of his cups and saucers onto the floor. He obviously didn't welcome intruders to his tea party!

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