Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Gift Wrapped

Pupils still dilated from his eye procedure
Felix has loved being back home, in familiar surroundings, after a couple of nights away. He has been so quiet today, just pottering around, playing with his toys and reading some stories. He has given all of his brothers extra cuddles which they've loved.

I put some Christmas presents under our tree today. We were going to wait until Christmas Eve, but it didn't look right, having a big, empty space under the tree. I wasn't sure how Felix would react when he woke up from his morning sleep today and saw them there. I think I was expecting him to go into an unwrapping frenzy and had visions of myself having to re-wrap everything. Thankfully, he was brilliant and didn't touch a thing. He hasn't tried to touch the decorations on the tree since we put it up, and must have known that he wasn't allowed to touch the presents either. He's such a good boy (well, except for the plastic container he dropped in the toilet bowl today that I didn't notice until after I used it!)

We were all a bit worn out after our trip to Adelaide
Earlier in the morning, when Felix was playing happily, I had been wrapping my last few gifts ready for Christmas day. I tried to wrap them as fast as I possibly could before Felix realised what I was doing and came to 'help', but I wasn't quick enough. His eyes lit up when he saw paper, ribbon, tape and scissors scattered on the floor. I though about packing it away and finishing later, but then I decided to see if Felix would add some 'special touches' to the presents. Each time I cut a piece of tape for myself to stick on the present, I gave Felix one as well. He soon got very good at manoeuvring the sticky tape from my hand to his, straightening it out and sticking it to the paper. He pushed down on it to make sure it had stuck, and the look on his face was priceless; he was proud of his success. When I went to put the labels on the gifts I noticed that I had some spare tiny little Christmas stickers. I peeled each one off and Felix, oh so carefully, stuck the stickers on the gifts. He even corrected himself if he started to put one on upside-down. By the time we finished, Felix was sticking the name tags on the presents with his own unique flair. No, the gifts don't look like they were professionally wrapped, but I can guarantee the people receiving them are going to think they are extra special.

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