Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Little Men

Felix had a morbid fascination with the removal of the huge tree from our neighbour's roof today. He was absolutely terrified of the sound of the chainsaws, and from time to time, he burst into tears. At the same time, he couldn't stay away from the window, keeping an eye on everything that was happening. After alternating between crying and staring for quite a while, he found a happy medium. He climbed up onto the couch and peeked over the top of it so he could just see out of the window, but still had the security of the couch in front of him. It must have looked funny to the guys on the roof next door to see a little pair of beady eyes staring up at them.

Such a joy
I had to do the food shopping with Felix today. I thought I'd try something new and let him walk along with me rather than sitting him in the trolley seat. I really have to brag, because he was amazing! He was so well behaved and happily toddled along behind me, smiling and 'talking' to people he met along the way. He didn't even pull things off the shelves, which was a nice surprise for me. He walked almost the entire hour I was at the shop and, only occasionally, did he ask me to pick him up for a minute or two. He was such a little charmer and had all sorts of people stopping to comment on how beautiful his smile is and how cute he looked walking along behind me.

So far, so good
The biggest bit of news about Felix today is that he is spending his first night in his toddler bed! He was really excited when he first saw it and straight away said, "up". I sat him up on the bed and he had a bit of a play with his monkey and his 'ugly' sock cat. For some reason he didn't try and climb out by himself, so I'm hoping that psychologically he still thinks he's in his cot and can't get out. When we put Felix to bed tonight I was very relieved that he went to sleep straight away. I'm hoping that he will have a very peaceful sleep, and not wriggle too much, so we don't hear a bump in the night.

Congratulations Aaron!
I have to mention our gorgeous, Aaron, tonight. He graduated from year seven, and is now finished primary school and off to high school next year. I can't believe that all seven of our 'big babies' are all finished primary school. It's like the end of an era (until it's Felix's turn). Aaron enjoyed a school dinner tonight, with all of his friends, and received a graduation certificate from his teachers. He looked so handsome all dressed up and is almost the same height as the principal of the school. Our little boy is growing up! We're proud of you Aaron x x x

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