Sunday, 4 November 2012

Underwater Surprise

Crazy face for Daniel
It was over 40 degrees (celsius) today so it was a great day to be inside, sitting under the air conditioner. Unfortunately for me, I spent most of it outside or rushing around. Our eldest son was finishing tidying up his house, before he leaves to go back to the city tomorrow, so I was helping him out in the garden, cleaning and driving back and forth to the dump. Felix stayed home with Nathan and the other boys where it was cooler (and more interesting than a half packed up house).

Later in the afternoon, Daniel had a break and came back to our place for some lunch. Felix was having a picnic, on a blanket, in our lounge room. He and Daniel kept making silly faces at each other; it was so funny! Felix, of course, pulled out his crazy face which he hasn't done in a while. Maybe he thought Daniel might want to see it again before he leaves for his new home? I love watching the two of them play together; our biggest boy and our littlest. It's hard to imagine that Daniel was once that little, but it also seems like yesterday that he was.

Guilty face?
At 4.30 in the afternoon, it was still over 40 degrees, so I decided to fill up Felix's little clam pool with some water and see if he wanted to have a bit of a splash around. Since we had the clam (which is filled on one side with sand), it hasn't been hot enough for Felix to play in the water, so today was a great day to fill it up and see if he liked it. He thought it was fantastic! I stripped him of all of his clothes and he climbed straight in. He was having a great time, when the unexpected happened. Felix was squatting in the water, playing with his toys, when he started to make a grunting noise. Oh no! Never before has he ever done a 'number two' in the bath but, here he was, doing one the very first time he had ever been in his pool! Way to go Felix! Hahaha! Needless to say, the 'number two' was retrieved (with the help of a plastic bag), and his pool was emptied, cleaned and refilled. Thankfully, we had better success the second time around and the water stayed clean and clear!

Love this face!
Cuddles with Daddy
After a bath and a big play with all five of his older brothers, Felix was getting pretty sleepy. Nathan took him into his room and sat and looked at some books with him. They were looking at one of Felix's signing books about emotions. Felix was pointing to the picture, and Nathan was signing the emotion. A few minutes later, I walked past Felix's room and saw Nathan leaning back with Felix snuggled up on his chest. When I asked Nathan if Felix was tired and ready for bed, he told me that they were just signing 'cuddle' which was on one of the pages of the emotion book. Felix had thrown the book to one side, and given Daddy a cuddle instead of signing it. So precious!

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