Friday, 2 November 2012

Daddy Time

Packers boys
Junk food boy
Felix enjoyed spending the morning just with Daddy today. I had to go and do a few things, so I left the two of them to spend some time together. The instruction was for Felix to go to bed at 10.30am for a sleep, but when I got back at 11am, he and Daddy were still too busy playing so sleep just wasn't an option. Nathan excitedly told me that he and Felix were learning a new sign... 'Packers'. Nathan loves the Green Bay Packers (American Football), so he has been indoctrinating Felix, since before birth, in the hope he will like them too. Funnily enough, Felix isn't terribly interested in TV (except Play School, which he loves), but he will sit for a while and watch football. I think he likes the fast movement and colours. It's safe to say that I'm pretty sure Nathan will have a football watching buddy in the future!

Nate and I had to go out tonight so we decided to buy the boys Hungry Jacks for dinner. I took Felix and Joshua (16) with me to pick it up. It's funny because Felix gets excited if he so much as sees McDonalds out of the window, even if I'm driving through to get coffee, and yet there was no response when we drove through Hungry Jacks. No enthusiastic noises as I ordered, and none as I picked up the food. He did get excited when he saw that he was getting junk food for dinner, however, and was happy to munch on his fries and burger. He was a bit jealous that the boys had frozen Coke to drink, so I put the tiniest bit into a cup for him to try (yes...I know...terrible parenting!)  He quickly tipped it out onto his high chair and dipped his fries in it and ate them. A new delicacy perhaps?  I think he probably outdid his sodium and sugar intake in a big way tonight, so it'll be back to healthy food tomorrow!
Felix is going to miss his biggest brother!

Tonight we went to Daniel's farewell, with his friends from work. It will be sad to see him leave to go back to Adelaide, but it has been absolutely wonderful having him so close for the past 20 months. I know his beautiful bride-to-be will be extremely happy to have her man living nearby again, and we're really happy they will get to spend much more time together now.

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