Monday, 12 November 2012

Master of Funny Faces

Felix and Chaos
When we were on our holiday, I didn't worry too much about toilet training. Felix was unfamiliar with the house we were staying in and wouldn't have known where the toilet was, so I thought we'd leave it until we got home. When we got back, we had barely walked in the door when Felix walked straight in to the bathroom, picked up his potty seat and put it on the toilet. He signed 'toilet' and then sat on there and did a huge wee!! By the sound of it, it was almost as if he'd been saving it up all week! He used the toilet a couple of times after that and has been the same today. I was sure that a six day break might put him back a bit, but he picked up exactly where he left off before we went away. It was a nice surprise. The weather is starting to warm up so, hopefully, we'll be able to try him in his little jocks soon and leave his nappies off.

Felix has always been the master of funny faces and he's recently added a couple more to his repertoire. I mentioned the face he started to make when he looked at our friend, Brent. We have nicknamed it the 'Brent face'. He squints his eyes really tightly and then does a big cheesy grin. He started doing it whenever he looked at Brent, but he's continued to do it since we got home. He even does it when he's walking sometimes, and nearly walks into the walls because he can't see. He's so funny! It's almost as if he's experimenting with what he can see when he squeezes his eyes shut. I wonder how long he'll keep doing it for? He sure keeps us entertained!

He's also started to make a face if he is trying to push a block into a shape sorter and can't quite get it in. It's a bit like his 'crazy face', where he sticks out his bottom teeth and opens his eyes wide. When he's pushing on the shapes to try and get them in the hole, he makes the face and shakes his body. We can't help but laugh at him, so he does it over and over again. I'm posting a video today of him doing this face, because I thought it might make you smile!

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