Sunday, 11 November 2012

Home Sweet Home

Who needs toys?
Looking at the cows
We have just got home after a wonderful 6 days away. I still can't get over how well Felix travels. We drove for close to 20 hours over the last week and he didn't even grizzle once! He doesn't sleep much in the car, but is happy to munch on some food, drink his juice, watch his DVD player and read his books. Every now and again, whoever wasn't driving would reach around and tickle his toes and make him laugh. For the first time ever, Felix looked out of the window and noticed when we pointed out the cows in the paddocks. I can't wait until he's older so we can show him more things along the way. He would have loved all the animals we saw on this trip; cows, alpacas, sheep, a brown snake, lizards, two koalas, a fox and even a turtle, who ambled across the road and was lucky not to get run over! There were plenty of kangaroos, but they had already become victims of passing cars :(

Fun with Darcy
While we were away I took Felix to visit my cousin, who I haven't seen for ages. She has a gorgeous little boy, Darcy, who is a bit younger than Felix. I was really pleased to see that, after being a bit unsure at first, Felix actually interacted really well with Darcy. He wasn't frightened of him, like he can be with other little ones sometimes, and he even reached out and stroked his head when we were taking some photos. I couldn't believe it! At one point, Felix and Darcy were throwing a balloon back and forwards to each other. It was really cute and was certainly a big step for Felix. It was great to see them playing together so well. Felix gave my cousin a quick cuddle, and gave her and her husband a high-five when we left. It was fantastic to see him responding so well to people, in unfamiliar surroundings, and looking really comfortable!

Bubbles with Granny
When we arrived back in Adelaide, for a quick stop over with my parents, Felix seemed really relaxed and happy. He's had so many new experiences this week and seemed to cope with all of them well. He appeared to have a new confidence and wasn't the slightest bit clingy when we arrived at Granny and Papa's house. He sometimes looks a bit suspiciously at my Dad for a couple of hours before he 'warms up'. This time he walked in, like he owned the place, and happily sat and played and 'chatted' with Mum and Dad. What a great week for his social development. He let our friend, Ann, get him out of bed in the morning. He went out to play with the dogs, with Brent and Ann, without us. He was happy to be held by other people, even with us there. He went outside to look at the trees with Papa and loved it that Granny gave him a bath.
Watering can fun!

I had been telling my Mum that Ann had been blowing bubbles for Felix with the soap, when he had a bath, just like she used to do when I was little. Mum decided to fill up a bucket of water outside, and let Felix play in it. As soon as he put his hands in the water he started to rub them together, just like Ann had done, so Mum went and got some soap and started blowing bubbles for him. He loved it! He kept laughing and popping the bubbles before Mum had even finished blowing them. It was beautiful and sunny outside, so she let him splash in the water. She gave him a sponge and he filled it up with the water and squeezed it all over his clothes. When he was completely soaked, Mum got the watering can and poured it on his hands over and over again. I think he was loving being out in the hot sun after having a week of cooler weather. I know I was!

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