Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Signing 'butterfly' for Eden
Bright and early yesterday morning, we left home to go on a long awaited holiday. We had to drive for nearly ten hours, and Felix was such a good boy. We're so thankful for his love for Playschool, because he happily watched his DVD's over and over again in the car and didn't complain at all. He had a short sleep for an hour and a half but, apart from that, he was bright-eyed the whole time.  He was very glad to be out of the car at the end of the trip and able to stretch his legs (as were we).

We broke up the trip by making a couple of short stops. When we got into the city we went to the cemetery, where Eden is buried, and tidied up a bit and put a couple of new decorations on her grave. One was a solar powered butterfly which is so delicate it actually looks like it's flying around. It's so pretty. Felix was mesmerised  by it and sat on Isaiah's lap watching it, signing butterfly. It was one of those very precious moments.

The big silo
After the cemetery we drove to my parent's house to drop Isaiah off there to spend some time with them while we're away. Felix had a quick stretch of his legs and a play with Granny and Papa, who were very pleased to see him. My Mum had about ten little plastic containers on the floor for Felix to play with. He thought they were great. He stacked them up and then lined them up neatly next to each other on the floor. He was so careful and precise. Granny and Papa were suitably impressed with his efforts.

The final leg of our trip was the longest (just over 5 hours). After Felix woke up from his sleep, we stopped at a little bakery for a late lunch and let Felix have a play on the grass next to a big silo. He enjoyed the sunshine and watching the huge big trucks drive past on the highway. He wasn't too bothered to be back in the car, and happily ate the rest of his lunch as we drove.

Walking up the stairs
Felix slept beautifully, in a different house, last night and has enjoyed investigating his new surroundings today. We went to an amazing garden, in a sink hole in the ground, which is full of beautiful plants and vines. Felix has always loved trees, so he thought it was great. Nathan carried him into the garden, down lots and lots of stairs, but Felix wanted to climb back up by himself. It was a slow process, but he climbed half of the way before Nathan scooped him up and carried him. He protested a bit, but I think we'd still be there now if we were waiting for him!!

It has been lovely to catch up with friends and enjoy the scenery in a place, very unlike where we live. It's so green and lush here (not to mention quiet). We're looking forward to the next few days!