Wednesday, 21 November 2012

So Much Progress

Just checking Daddy's bike
Felix was a bundle of energy at Kindergym today even though there was a huge group of kids there. He flinched every now and again when another child rushed past him, and he always inspected the thing he wanted to climb on, to make sure there were no other children on it already. Apart from that, he did so well and it was really obvious that his new found confidence is still there.

There were a couple of memorable moments this morning. At one point, Felix was leaning up against a big padded mat when another little boy came up behind him to give him a cuddle. As soon as Felix sensed him there, he looked a bit worried and quickly started to crawl towards me, across the mat. The little boy thought it was hilarious and decided to copy Felix, so he started crawling behind him. Felix realised that the little boy was still there, so he stood up and started to walk as fast as he could towards me. The other boy laughed again and shadowed Felix all the way. Felix looked more and more worried until he reached me but, after a quick cuddle, was actually OK and didn't melt down completely. Another small step in the right direction!

Another great thing about this morning was that Felix went up to a lady, I had just met, and held out his arms to her for a cuddle. She thought it was lovely when he held on for a big squeeze, and I thought it was fantastic that he felt confident enough to do it! She obviously gave good cuddles because he went back a second time a bit later.

Making a mess of the bathroom
Halfway through Kindergym, the lady who runs it walks around and puts a stamp on the children's hands. Felix loves getting a stamp but he's usually quite shy about holding out his hand. Today the lady sat down beside Felix, as she usually does, and he came over and patted her on the arm a couple of times and gave her a big smile. It was so awesome! He then happily held out his hand for a stamp, and then wanted one on the other hand as well. I was so proud of him.


  1. Hi, finally I've been able to take a peek at what Felix is up to now. I'm so glad he's growing up so beautifully. I think of Felix often and I think I'll now be able to keep actively following again, love Shell.

    1. Lovely to hear from you! I think of you often too, and peek at your blog from time to time. Your new house looks amazing, and the kids are little cuties :) Felix is a mischievous little 2 year old now, and is keeping us on our toes! He's such an incredible little guy :) I hope you and yours have a wonderful Christmas. I look forward to more pics of your gorgeous garden!