Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Uncle and Nephew Fun

Look Daddy!
Felix's confidence is still going from strength to strength since we've been away. We are so proud of him!

This morning, Nathan and I took Felix outside to spend some time with the dogs. In the last couple of days, we have done a lot of work on our backyard and have made it a lot more 'toddler friendly', so Felix had lots of room to roam around without being covered in red dirt (got to love outback Australia!)

Felix has always been pretty good with the dogs, if they were laying down, but if they were walking around he sometimes looked a bit worried. Most of our dogs are pretty huge so, to him, it would be the equivalent of a horse wanting to lick us in the face, rushing towards us and whipping us with its' tail. Today, however, he took it all in his stride. All four dogs (Joel's massive doberman is staying with us at the moment), wandered around with Felix giving him the occasional lick or swipe with their tail. He was completely unbothered by them. He did a lot of pointing and "oooohs" and "aaaaahs", and looked like he was telling the dogs what to do. It was really great to see him so relaxed with them all. I'm sure it helps that he is much more steady on his feet now, and a lot more sure of himself!

Checking out the Christmas goodies
Our gorgeous little Grandson, Noah, came around for a visit today. Joel and Mel had some things to do, so Noah stayed with us for a play. I had just got back from doing some Christmas shopping and had a couple of bags full of wrapping paper, ribbons and Christmas decorations. Noah and Uncle Felix sat together and pulled everything out of the bags; it was like an early Christmas! They played with plastic cups, empty boxes and gift bags (which now have a little bit of Noah's slobber on them to make them extra special). They had a wonderful time and the best bit was that Felix sat right next to Noah, happily playing with him, without a care in the world. He's normally so wary of him, but today he looked so comfortable with him and even took turns sharing things with him. It was a very precious Uncle and nephew moment!
Noah mesmerised by the butterflies

After the boys had got tired of the Christmas things, I took them outside to play in the sandpit. Felix played with the sand, and Noah sat in the empty half of the clam shell and played with some buckets and spades. I didn't think his Mum and Dad would appreciate coming home to find him covered in sand, and he didn't seem to mind. Felix thought it was pretty funny to see someone else sitting in his sandpit, but he seemed quite happy to offer Noah some things to play with. We recently put a couple of solar powered butterflies in our garden, next to the sandpit, and both boys were fascinated with them. Felix signed 'butterfly' and pointed to them to show Noah. It was pretty adorable. I love our boys!

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