Friday, 23 November 2012

Slow down

A pinecone we found when we had a break
from driving
It's getting to that time of the year. The calendar is filling up and there seems to be countless places to be, people to visit, gifts to buy and appointments to squeeze in before Christmas. It's so easy to feel rushed and stressed out. It's times like this when I am again reminded of the sweet simplicity that Felix brings to our lives.  He doesn't care about parties or presents, and certainly isn't bothered whether we get to places on time. He just likes to stop and enjoy life. There have been so many times over the past couple of weeks when I have felt pressed for time, but Felix has brought me a book and I have sat down and read it to him. Then he has gone and chosen another book and I have read that one too. Before I have even realised, I have read several books, sung a few songs and made him giggle by chasing him up the hallway. I have still managed to get the things done that I have needed to, so far, but have also stopped to smell the roses along the way. Thanks Felix for reminding me, again, of what's important!

"This is the book I want you to read!"
In the last couple of days, I had to do a (very quick) overnight trip to Adelaide. Felix, once again, behaved like a seasoned traveller, sitting happily for 5 hours in the car each way, chatting and watching his DVD's and doing the actions to his favourite songs. He was so excited to see my parents, and walked into their house like it was his. I had to drop him off there and head straight back out again, but he wasn't bothered at all to say goodbye. He was busy stacking plastic containers with Granny. He had a great afternoon with his Granny and Papa, digging in the dirt outside and attaching clothes pegs to Papa's shirt. My Mum bragged that he ate constantly when I was out, which was awesome because he usually goes on a hunger strike and refuses to eat for anyone but Nathan, the older kids or me. Another little first for Felix.

My attempt at Felix's footprint Snowmen I
finished today. They are made the same
way as the handprint Santas.
1 cup plain flour, 1/2 cup salt, 1/2 cup water
Mix well. Roll out and push hand/foot down
firmly. Make hole to hang.
Allow to dry for 4 days, turning after 2 days.
Paint as you like.
Bekah (19), was so happy to see Felix and, although it wasn't a long visit, had a play with him and lots and lots of cuddles. Felix hasn't seen her for ages, but he held his arms out to her straight away which she loved. He really does adore his older siblings, and I'm so thankful that he has the seven of them to watch out for him and share new experiences with him as he grows. Daniel and Cate, Joel and Joshua all got to spend some time playing with Felix over the last couple of days, and he enjoyed being the centre of attention.

After a busy couple of days it's nice to be home again. Felix was happy to get out of the car and stretch his legs a bit, and was especially glad to see his Daddy. He has been a little bit grumpy since we got back (ten hours of driving in two days will do that to you), so he was more than happy to go to bed tonight. He tucked his technicoloured monkey under one arm, and his ugly sock cat under the other; then he lay down on his tummy with the two of them slightly underneath him. As usual, he pulled his knees up and stuck his bottom up in the air, totally oblivious to us still standing there for one last look at him before we shut the door. Who needs Christmas presents? He is such a perfect little gift to us!

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