Friday, 16 November 2012

Mr. Mischief

Sitting up like a big boy with his brothers
Felix was a bundle of mischief when he woke up this morning. Before I even had a chance to focus my eyes, he had already posted his night nappy and a tube of cream in the toilet, and it wasn't even 7am! This theme continued throughout the morning.  First, I realised that he had learnt how to unlock the ipad. As annoying as that is, I must admit I was pretty proud at how clever he can be at working things out. He can open the cupboards in the kitchen now, so he had all the plastic cups and bowls out and was stacking them on the floor while I did the dishes. I don't mind, except that if I don't watch him carefully, he tries to grab the breakable bowls and plates as well. He opened a drawer and found a roll of garbage bags which he had a great time rolling across the floor until they all unravelled. I also realised today, that Felix has grown taller and can reach his hands up onto the table and grab anything that's left too close to the edge. I'm really wishing I, literally, had eyes in the back of my head!

This smile is amazing!
I haven't done any of Felix's handprints for a while, so I got out the paint to do them today. Felix thought it was great, squelching the paint in his hands. He even got the hang of opening up his hand and putting it flat onto the paper, and was a little bit annoyed with me when we were finished and he had to have his hands cleaned up. I think he would have been happy to sit there all day.

Some of Felix's favourite toys are his musical instruments. He absolutely loves his tambourine and his maracas, and will sometimes sit for ages and play his xylophone. He's been so good at sharing with Noah and, even if he takes something off him, he will give it a quick shake and put it back in Noah's hand. Felix has a whistle in his toybox and will often bring it to one of us to blow. Yesterday I blew the whistle and handed it back to Felix. He put it in his mouth and actually blew it for the very first time! I was really pleased because I know that some kids take a long time to learn how to use the correct position with their mouth to blow into a whistle, or blow out candles. I'm sure his Speech Pathologist will be very impressed!

Mel & Joel with their precious little man
We have had Noah visiting our house quite a lot over the last few days and it warms my heart to see how much more comfortable Felix is getting with him. Not only is he sharing really nicely with Noah, but he is stroking his head and giving him lots of attention. Noah has even picked up on a couple of Felix's crazy faces. Today, for the first time, Felix gave Noah not one, but two kisses! As the Mum of one, and the Granny of the other, it was one of those memorable moments that will be with me forever.

Tonight I was very proud to take some photos of Joel and Mel, all dressed up for their school formal. They both looked amazing, and had dressed Noah up in a cute little shirt for some of the photos too. They are beautiful parents to their precious little man, and there's no doubt that Noah knows he's loved to bits!

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