Monday, 5 November 2012

Mr. Clever

Loving his ipad
Did I ever mention how clever Felix is? OK, so maybe I have mentioned it a couple of times! He truly amazes us each and every day with the little things he learns, and the things he shows us.

Joel (almost 18), sat on the floor with Felix this afternoon while Felix was playing with his ipad. He couldn't believe the way Felix can navigate his way around his favourite applications, changing them when he wants to play something different. Joel said to us, "I didn't think Felix was meant to be able to do stuff like that... why can he do it? He's so smart!" Felix is certainly a far cry from what one of the Doctors, who spoke to us before he was born, suggested he would be. We had images of a child who may be completely dependent on us for absolutely everything. We had even talked about what sort of a car we would need to buy if Felix needed a wheelchair. He has certainly been a little surprise package.

Nathan was standing up some of Felix's bowling pins earlier. He doesn't play with them very often, but impressed his Daddy by knowing exactly which ball he needed to use. Felix rummaged through his toy box, pulling different things out, until he found the bowling ball near the bottom and took it to Nathan. Pretty clever Mr. Felix!

Deep in thought
I took Felix with me to get a few things from the supermarket this afternoon. When I got to the checkout, I opened my purse and Felix reached in and pulled out my bank card. He then held it out and leaned in towards the EFTPOS machine and tried to push it into the slot to pay for the shopping. I had to tell him it wasn't quite time yet, because the cashier hadn't finished putting the groceries through. When it was time to pay, he pushed the card into the correct slot, and then pointed his finger because he wanted to press the buttons. I held his little finger out and let him help me put in my PIN number. When the transaction was complete, he pulled the card back out again and gave it to me. The cashier handed Felix the receipt and he thought that was pretty good, so it kept him entertained as we walked back to the car. It always amazes me how observant he is. I didn't realise he paid so much attention to what I do at the checkout.
Me and my clever boy

A very proud moment for Nathan and I today was that Felix had a completely dry nappy all afternoon. He went into the bathroom all by himself and put his potty seat up on the toilet, and then signed 'toilet' so we would put him on there. Each time we lifted him up, he would do a wee and then sign 'more' and would do a bit more, then 'more' again and he would do even more. When he was done, he would sign 'finished' and say "up" and we would lift him back off. His nappy was still completely dry when he went to bed. We are so pleased that he is doing well with his toilet training, and are proud of his determination to try so hard.


  1. Great post!You know I was thinking along the same lines this week when I asked my baby how big are you and he held his arms way up high and smiled so big.We had been playing the soooo big thing for alittle bit.I was so excited he did it lol I'm not sure what I thought when I first had him,I mean I guess I just thought he'd be severely delayed.He shows me everyday he really is a smart little guy and not at all like what I had thought.Yay for potty training!!

    1. Aren't they amazing little people? That is so awesome... I know exactly just how proud you would be feeling right now!! Good on him, clever boy!! x x x