Saturday, 17 November 2012

Christmas Tree

Santas little helper
The boys decorating
the tree
Felix spent the morning with Daddy this morning so I could get some Christmas shopping done, without my little 'helper'. Nathan took him over to the park for a play. He said that Felix was less than enthusiastic with the small slide, but laughed his head off when he went down the big slide. He really loves being outside, so having a park across the road from our house is handy. Sometimes he likes to throw a ball around on the grass and other times, like today, he enjoys the playground. Nathan said they had a curious magpie watching their every move at the park today. Nathan was sure it was about to swoop them and was relieved when it didn't.

Here is a video of Felix dancing. Such a funny boy!

When Nathan and Felix got back from the park, they played with some of Felix's toys and looked at some books. Judging by the mess I saw, when I got home, they had a great time! Nathan told me he'd left the room for a minute and came back to find Felix standing in Isaiah's big sneakers by the front door. Knowing the first thing I would ask is, "Did you get a photo of it?", Nathan ran and got the camera and managed to get a quick photo of Felix still standing in the big shoes. They make him look so tiny!

Today we decided to put up the Christmas tree. I was pretty excited because Felix is old enough this year to join in with us. He wasn't so sure about the undecorated tree, and I'm sure he was wondering what on earth a tree was doing up on our coffee table, but he soon worked out what to do and was reaching up to put decorations on it (with a little bit of help). He loved the string of gold beads and wasn't impressed when we had to unravel them from him to put them on the tree. What can I say? He has always loved his beads!

Loves his beads!
The older boys know how much I love 'tree decorating day' and, bless them, they try really hard to feign excitement and join in, but they all look pretty relieved when the decorations are all hung. Nathan lightens the mood every year by hiding random objects (eg.plastic dinosaurs and spiders) in the tree, hoping I don't notice and tell him off. The boys think it's hilarious! So, I am super excited to have a 2 year old in the house this year, and a 6 month old Grandson. They are so much more fun than teenage boys when it comes to the magic of Christmas (no offence boys; I love you to bits). I can't wait until Christmas day to see the excitement on Felix and Noah's faces as they enjoy scrunching up wrapping paper and playing with empty boxes (which I'm sure they'll love even more than their actual gifts!)

After a very busy day, Felix was really grumpy this afternoon. It's quite out of character for him to be so moody. He wasn't happy to be playing and wanted to be picked up. When he asked to be put down, he would start to cry and not want to go down. He didn't even eat much for dinner. I noticed he has a bit of a runny nose so I hope he's not getting sick. The great thing about Felix is that he loves his bed. If we think he's unwell or really tired, we can put him to bed an hour earlier than usual and he'll blow us kisses and lay straight down. We haven't heard a single sound from his room since he went to bed tonight so hopefully, after a good night sleep, he'll be back to his usual self tomorrow.

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