Thursday, 8 November 2012

Hungry Boy

Enjoying the park
Felix has had an enormous appetite since we have been here on our holiday. It must have something to do with the cooler country air because I don't think I've ever seen him eat so much food. He has been eating his huge bowl of porridge with yoghurt in the morning, and is ready for a snack an hour later. After his sleep, he has wolfed down his lunch and then snacked all afternoon and still eaten dinner. The friends we are staying with didn't know how to sign before we got here but, after two days, they both know how to sign 'more' and 'eat' because Felix is signing it every few minutes! Actually, to their credit, they have both been asking how to sign various things and have picked it up so fast. It's great to see Felix being able to communicate with other people, through sign, and have them understand what it is he's saying.

Our friends have been taking Felix out to their backyard to play with the dogs. One of their dogs can catch a large ball if it's thrown up into the air, and Felix thinks it's hysterically funny. He has developed the cutest giggle whenever one of us picks up the ball to throw it for the dog. Even if we kick the ball, or just chase the dog with him in our arms, he laughs his head off. He knows exactly where the back door of the house is now, so he has been going up to the people we're staying with and signing 'dog' and then almost running towards the back door. He is speaking the word "up" really well and asks to be picked up and taken back outside again. I don't think he's going to want to go home again after having extra people wrapped around his little finger.
Getting brave on the slide

There is a massive bath tub at this house and, although he was a little bit wary of it at first, Felix is really enjoying having his baths in there (although he's scared of most of the bath toys). Our friend, Ann, has been blowing bubbles with soap at the edge of the bath when he's in there, and he has started to copy her. When she rubs her hands together to make them all soapy, he rubs his hands together. When she rinses her hands by swishing them in the water, he has been doing that too. Tonight, she asked if he could blow like he was blowing bubbles, and he did it. He's getting so good at mimicking things!

One of the funniest things that happened today was with our friend, Brent. Felix has been a little bit wary of him since we arrived. He smiles and makes funny faces at him across the room, but watches him to make sure he doesn't get too close if he walks nearby. Felix had been a little bit braver today and was giving him 'high-fives' and lots of smiles so, when Brent held out his arms to Felix to pick him up, I told him to grab him to see what he would do. Felix immediately put his head on Brent's shoulder and snuggled into him without making a sound. The funny thing was that he wasn't doing it because he wanted a cuddle, he was actually too scared to move! He stayed that way until Brent walked him close to somebody else and then he leapt out of his arms as quickly as he could. It made us all laugh. He's such a funny little thing sometimes!

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