Saturday, 23 February 2013

Mr. Fix It

Hmmm.... that's how it works!
Felix is a huge fan of giving cuddles these days and it's one of the cutest things I've ever seen! He's gone from just giving a bit of a squeeze, to a squeeze plus a few pats on the back. They are typical 'boy' hugs; the sort that male family members give each other when they're trying to show love, but don't want to get too gushy about it. His 'blokey' hugs, coupled with his big, wet (not so blokey) kisses are pretty irresistible!

Nate spent a bit of time doing some training with the dogs today. He brought them inside, one at a time, and rewarded them when they followed his instructions. We're really lucky to have such great dogs, who are so gentle with Felix. Even though two of them are huge, compared to Felix, they seem to know to be gentle when they are close to him and, even if they're running they'll stop, to avoid crashing into him. Felix absolutely loves them. He is getting more confident around them and will wrap his arms around each of them and give them one of his pats, like he does on our backs when he hugs us. Felix really enjoyed helping Daddy train the dogs today although, he was encouraging them to be naughty by opening up his mouth near theirs, and trying to get them to kiss him. They were very good, and only snuck in the odd lick every now and again.
So helpful

Later this afternoon, Nathan was pumping up the tyres on Felix's pram, when he called out to me to come and look at something. I walked down the hall to see Felix, trying as hard as he could, to use the pump. Nathan had shown him how to do it and he was giving it a really good try. The look of concentration on his face was priceless. He was really studying the pump, like he was trying to see how it worked. About an hour later, I noticed that Felix had found the pump again and was sitting next to the pram, putting the nozzle of it up to the valve on the tyre. His attention to detail is amazing. He had obviously really studied how Nathan had attached the pump to the valve, and he was trying to do the same thing. I'm now having visions of Felix pulling apart things in our house to find out how they work.....Hmmmm....

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